School spirit brings ‘Maniacs’ together

They are not hard to find. Maroon and yellow paint stripe their faces. Eight letters painted on bare chests, spelling out "Mustangs." Standing front and center, their yelling never ceases and their spirit never dies. They are the Mustang Maniacs, a campus organization dedicated to school … [Read more...]

Mustang Maniacs aim to keep high school spirit aspirations alive

Nestled at the heart of MSU athletics lies a small spirit group with uncharted, explosive potential. "Our goal is to bring some fun into the student section of the stands to where people are standing the whole game - immersed in it. The potential of school spirit our student body has is nowhere … [Read more...]

Local group attempts to raise school spirits

They are easy to spot. Standing in the front row of every football game, shirts off, and paint on their chests. Running flags up and down the sideline, yelling and screaming, cheering and jeering. They are the Stang Gang. Coleman Reidling, is the assistant hall director at Pierce … [Read more...]

Stang Gang tries to advance school spirit

Stang Gang Tries to Advance School Spirit from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo. In a crowd full of sit-down fans, there is one group whose mission is to promote school spirit: The Stang Gang. "Stang Gang is an organization that promotes school spirit. We are starting up big time this year," said … [Read more...]