Faculty discuss sanctuary cities bill at forum

To educate students on how Texas Senate Bill 4 will affect campus and Wichita Falls policing, the Office of Equity, Inclusion and Multicultural Affairs hosted a forum on Sept. 18 in the Legacy Hall Multipurpose Room. "Wichita Falls isn't and has never been a sanctuary city," Manuel Borrego, … [Read more...]

Law enforcement not just a job; it’s a calling

In today's society, the citizens of the United States of America, face a number of issues that will affect us beyond the election. One of the biggest issues today is racial injustice and racially motivated hatred regarding police incidents around the U.S.I am part-black and ex-law enforcement. I … [Read more...]

Student senators discuss campus carry at first meeting

The first Student Government Association meeting of the semester was held Tuesday on Oct. 4, starting with guest speaker and Chief of Police Patrick Coggins.Coggins spoke about the new campus carry law that went into effect on Aug. 1 and the process behind creating and maintaining the policy that … [Read more...]

Ladd ‘off to the mountains’ for retirement

If you want to say goodbye to police officer Elwyn Ladd, you better hurry.After 10 years on the MSU force and 27 in the city, he's retiring. He said he plans to,"immediately head to the mountains in New Mexico."But before his departure, Ladd had time to reflect on his career and to be recognized at … [Read more...]

New police, housing directors take part in meet and greet

Newly appointed Chief of Police Patrick Coggins and Director of Residence Life and Housing Kristi Schulte were the focal points of the meet and greet on March 9 in Comanche Suites.“It’s been a busy month, I’ve spent a lot of time looking at protocol and process in the department,” Coggins … [Read more...]

Alumnus named police chief

Once Police Chief Patrick Coggins heard about the opening position from a current employee, he saw many reasons to apply for the position following Dan Williams' retirement last fall.Coggins said, “First off, [MSU is] my alma mater, and I actually knew former Chief Dan Williams through professional … [Read more...]

Police chief: Thanks for your efforts, advocacy

OUR VIEW: Police Chief Dan Williams has been a tireless advocate for students and public safety on campus during his tenure. Officials need to hire someone just as competent and student-friendly. Dan Williams has done a significant amount of work for the university in the years he has been police … [Read more...]

After 35 years, police chief announces retirement

After 35 years working in law enforcement, university Chief of Police Dan Williams is turning in the badge and folding out the lawn chair. “I plan to take a few months off and enjoy my grandkids and the lake,” Williams said. “I bought a house on the lake just south of Dallas and look forward to … [Read more...]

Police chief reviews parking, tailgating changes

At the first Student Government Association meeting of the year, members and chief of police Dan Williams highlighted changes coming to campus this semester, namely tailgating practices and parking lot zoning. Williams, the guest speaker at the meeting, said tailgating this football season will … [Read more...]

The Ferguson lesson: Black lives matter

The shooting of Michael Brown, an 18-year-old black teenager, has been a groundbreaking controversy for the past two months. The shooting continues to spark riots, protests and unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, where the tragedy occurred. Brown was fatally shot multiple times by Darren Wilson, a white … [Read more...]