SGA meeting presents benefits of raising student tuition

Suzanne Shipley, university president, and Keith Lamb, vice president of student affairs, attended the Student Government Association meeting on Jan. 16 in the Clark Student Center. The two  presented new ideas to the student's and organizations on the benefits of increasing future students … [Read more...]

Board of Regents members raise parking fees, change housing plans

The Board of Regents members met in the J.S. Bridwell Board Room in Hardin Hall as part of their regular, two-day, spring meeting. VIEW LIVE STREAM HERE. Football Stadium — Kyle Williams, interim athletic director, stated that the plan is still in the infant stage and the number of cost is going … [Read more...]

Appreciation goes a long way

As an avid reader of our amazing campus newspaper, I was slightly upset when reading the staff editorial, “Changes should help, not harm.” The main issue I have towards the article is the same problem I have to deal with as a student leader on this campus: parking. The article did have just a tiny … [Read more...]

Construction should help, not harm

With the construction of the new dorm, mass communication building and turf fields, the rise in construction workers and their equipment is inevitable. Sections of parking lots have been closed or blocked off, and gates have been put up around what used to be easily accessible sidewalks.Students pay … [Read more...]

Researchers develop parking app

In the corner of the atrium, five mechanical engineering students stood by their EURECA poster presentation: MSU Smart Parking System. As students and faculty stopped to learn about poster number 23, the well-dressed engineers eagerly explained their research, overpowering the fact that they had … [Read more...]

Campus parking trouble: fact or fiction?

Student parking on campus is a controversial topic between residents and commuters alike.“Parking anywhere on campus is pretty terrible,” said Alec Riding-In, geosciences junior. “As far as the commuter spots go, I don’t necessarily mind walking, which I always have to do in order to get to my … [Read more...]

Student government reps discuss proposed fee increases

At the first student government meeting of the semester, university officials unveiled increased student fees to begin next year."It's only a 2.5 percent increase and it's a package deal. They are bringing in a lot more stuff like IT software and a centralized tutoring center," Thomas Mammen, … [Read more...]

Parking remains on forefront of Board’s agenda

The Board of Regents will meet on Feb. 11-12 to discuss a new strategic plan for the university including a five-year plan for parking on campus.But this wasn't the first plan the Board developed."Any time you have a long-term vision, it's extremely difficult as a Board, and frankly as an … [Read more...]

“New” master plan dismisses parking, commuter population

New Health Science and Human Service facility, new turf fields, new dorm. That’s all great, but where are we going to park? Over the holiday break, it was an assumption that our school ditched the original master plan, which took 18 months to perfect, when it reality the original plan was never … [Read more...]

Police chief reviews parking, tailgating changes

At the first Student Government Association meeting of the year, members and chief of police Dan Williams highlighted changes coming to campus this semester, namely tailgating practices and parking lot zoning. Williams, the guest speaker at the meeting, said tailgating this football season will … [Read more...]