Percussion rings throughout Akin

Captivating music from the drums, xylophones and timpani on stage filled the decorated halls of Akin Auditorium. Directed by Gordon Hicken, assistant professor of music-percussion, the performance also featured two numbers by the combined choirs, and 147 people attended the performance by the … [Read more...]

Wilson’s soprano performance ‘outstanding’

The halls were alive with the sound of music. At least, that’s what it would seem like, to an unbeknownst student passing through the hallways of the Hardin Administration Building at 7 p.m. on Jan. 26. But to those 70 people inside of Akin Auditorium, the halls were reverberating sopranos to the … [Read more...]

Visiting trombonist works to perfect music

International award-winning trombonist Hana Beloglavec joined the music department as a visiting instructor. “I love teaching and working alongside young students so I am happy to be here,” Beloglavec said. “I like how this university is a liberal arts college and the atmosphere here is … [Read more...]