Administration ‘cautiously optimistic’ on future enrollment

Enrollment remained relatively steady as 205 more freshmen enrolled at Midwestern State University than last fall, resulting in a slight decrease in total enrollment, which dropped from 5,916 students in 2012 to 5,870 as of Sept. 18 when the official headcount was posted. Vice President for … [Read more...]

Hardin South updated to be more welcoming to potential students

Hardin South Updated to be More Welcoming to Potential Students from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo. Earlier this year, university officials hired a consulting firm to come to campus to try to bring enrollment up. One suggestion made was to update part of South Hardin and make it into a new welcome … [Read more...]

The Falls adds Whiskeyta Club to nightlife

There is a new hot spot in Wichita Falls that will appeal to many in the 21 and up crowd. With spacious room, crazy variety of alcohol and beverages, appetizers for the late night munchies, and just that good vibe feeling, everyone will be rushing to Whiskeyta this weekend. “There are many … [Read more...]