Life as the one of the first RAs in Legacy

Legacy Hall is the new home for almost 500 residents, mostly freshmen and sophomores. Legacy is joining McCullough-Trigg as the other co-ed residence hall on campus. With Legacy being brand new and having a different dynamic than any other hall on campus, it provides a new challenge for me as an RA. … [Read more...]

Support local farmer’s market

Agricultural farming contributes at least one-third of its greenhouse gas emissions to global warming, which causes climate change.But, there is still hope. Organic farming, which is still in its adolescence, is more sustainable than conventional farming. Conventional farming, also known as … [Read more...]

Like gardening, love requires work to grow

Lane Riggs, English and psychology freshmen, and Sam Sutton, mass communication junior, have been in a relationship for almost four months. They both say nourishment and care are the most important requirements for a relationship’s health.SAM SUTTONLove is beautiful, fun, and happy. However, if it … [Read more...]

Quality over quantity: making time for your significant other

How did you transition your priorities from your best friend to your significant other?Frank: Well my priorities did not fully transition from my best friend to my girlfriend. Jeff (my best friend) understands that there are going to be certain times that I'm going to want to hang out with my girl, … [Read more...]

Women can define their own paths

As a woman in the 21st century, I believed we could easily choose who and what we wanted to be. However, suddenly, the words gender and sex started having a whole different meaning. They were not only words, but sets of expectations we were supposed to fulfill.I began wondering. Can we, as human … [Read more...]

Africa, America: Things are not always what they seem

Let’s take it back to August 2013, for a second. Aug. 13, to be exact. My first day in the United States of America. I cannot put into words how excited I was to be here.I  heard so many great things about this country, “the super power of the world,” “the land of opportunity,” "the nation that … [Read more...]

Shipley: ‘Welcome home to Midwestern State University’

Welcome home to Midwestern State University. I am your new president, and I hope you are as thrilled as I am to join the MSU family. By the time you read this I should be settled into my office and ready to start an exciting new semester. My husband Randy Wadsworth and our cross-country-traveling … [Read more...]

Column: ‘MSU is what you make of it’

When I read the words of guest Columnist Heath James in the Oct. 15 issue of The Wichitan, I was livid at his passionate attack over Midwestern State University being ‘irrelevant.’ As a writer, I found myself hearing the frustrated cries of those that Midwestern has been more than just a college … [Read more...]

Knowing foreign language gives students competitive edge

A liberal arts education undeniably has a politically-charged history. Although the term derives from the Latin word “liberalis” (meaning gentlemanlike, open-handed, or generous), the “artes liberales” were the core components of education in ancient Greece and focused on what they considered the … [Read more...]