EURECA forum to take place on Nov. 16

Through the Enhancing Undergraduate Research Endeavors and Creative Activity forum, students showcase their research through oral or poster presentations. According to Magaly Rincón-Zachary, director of undergraduate research, the forum is a way for students to learn in a more comprehensive way … [Read more...]

Liberal arts education changes society

A hush fell over the room in Legacy Hall as Todd Giles, associate professor of English, began his introduction of the seven faculty members displayed at the front of the room. Each of these faculty members from various colleges expressed their praise of a liberal arts education, bringing more light … [Read more...]

Students take part in undergraduate and creativity forum

By the time they got to Clark, the $10 presentation posters looked pretty polished. The two-by-three feet posters looked professional and the students donned in formal attire had rehearsed their presentations dozens of times. But when it came right down to it, neither the presentations nor the work … [Read more...]

Students spend months preparing for forum

A plastic heart is handed around Comanche, students and faculty sit in awe over the complexity and precision made by 3-D printers and the information gathered in this presentation.Michael Olaya, mechanical engineering and physics junior, presented his independent study, which brought in more than 70 … [Read more...]

Talks help improve speaking skills

The rooms were all too similar. Chairs lined up in neat rows facing the front. A blank screen. A tiny, underpowered and outdated computer. And an often-nervous speaker, one of 43 groups doing oral presentations at the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Forum in Clark Student Center April … [Read more...]

15 students discuss guns on campus at forum

The Campus Carry Task Force held its first, and only, public forum Nov. 2 to discuss plans for the Campus Carry Law passed in the last Texas legislative session. Laura Fidelie, chair of the task force, led the forum presenting an informative case about the task force’s plans for enforcing the law … [Read more...]

‘Fundraising is about friend-raising,’ final candidate says

The last of three candidates for University President spoke to about 150 attendees at a forum March 3. Robert Nelsen, special adviser to executive vice chancellor for academic affairs for the University of Texas System, spoke about the strength of liberal arts schools, further integrating technology … [Read more...]

Second candidate discusses vision with students

The second of three candidates for university president spoke Feb 25. to a crowd of a dozen students at the student forum Comanche Suites located in the Clark Student Center. Andrew Rogerson, provost of Sonoma State University in California, spoke on why he chose MSU and what he could add to the … [Read more...]

Cloud seeding forum reaches small audience

In an attempt to inform the public on cloud seeding, NewsChannel 6 hosted an informational panel in Shawnee Theatre On April 5. Daniel Nix, city operations manager, and Teresa Rose, deputy director of public works, were joined by Gary Walker, project director of Seeding Operations and Atmospheric … [Read more...]