Enrollment matters more than we think

OUR VIEW: Recruitment and retention efforts need to be a top priority for everyone on campus, not just upper level administration. Every semester, the talk of enrollment increase or decrease buzzes around campus, but most students don't understand how enrollment actually affects them. When … [Read more...]

Total enrollment increases by 16

While administrators budgeted for 6,150 students to enroll in fall 2017, actual fall enrollment figures showed 6,080 students, an increase of .26 percent over last fall but still not enough to meet projections. The lower-than-expected enrollment will hit all areas at the campus in the … [Read more...]

Lamb trades Hardin office for student center

Students hurry to get in the Chick-Fil-A line. A group of juniors plays pool in the rec room. The computer lab fills with procrastinating students, rushing to print their essays before class. A few students wander to the bookstore to spend money they don't really have on MSU gear they don't really … [Read more...]

Quantity over quality: More freshman fail to meet admissions requirements

With enrollment numbers at an all-time high and the economy operating on a steady incline, 2007 was financially bountiful for the Mustangs. As the year turned, the university capitalized on the boom in enrollment, significantly altering admission standards in hopes to refine the quality of the … [Read more...]

Enrollment numbers increase for spring semester

SPRING ENROLLMENTOfficial reports confirmed Feb. 10 that enrollment increased by approximately 3 percent, the fourth consecutive semester of increases.Keith Lamb, vice president of student affairs and enrollment management, estimated this 3 percent increase. Although numbers increased from 5,574 … [Read more...]

Enrollment growth key

Economic development | Enrollment | Budget | Nursing | Housing | International enrollment | Crime | Greek life While universities across Texas have seen unprecedented growth over the last decade, MSU peaked in 2010, a result, officials say, of a combination of factors including enrollment … [Read more...]

I didn’t pick MSU because it’s a liberal arts college

By this point in time, the meaning of a liberal arts college has been repeatedly forced into one ear, and once this happens, you immediately try to push it back out the other. I get it: you don’t care. But it’s important to care. And on Sept. 3, Todd Giles organized a guest panel including … [Read more...]

Slight increase in enrollment brings positivity to faculty

Enrollment increased nearly three percent as 169 more students enrolled at Midwestern State University than last fall, yet not keeping up with growth at other Texas schools. Still, officials say things are finally looking up for Midwestern State University. From 2010 to 2013, total student … [Read more...]

Column: Use people, not pamphlets to market university

A lot of emphasis has been put on expanding the university's marketing reach as a means to bolster enrollment. From presentations at Board of Regents meetings, to promises made by each university presidential candidate in their forum visits to the school, marketing to prospective students has been … [Read more...]

Committee formed to discuss seminar for first-year students

In an effort to bolster first year retention, student affairs and academic affairs came together to form a committee charged with creating a three-hour-credit seminar for first-year students. Robert Clark, vice president of administration and institutional effectiveness, will chair the task force … [Read more...]