Student government debate focuses on candidates’ ideals

The first of two Student Government Association election debates introduced the candidates to the student body on Feb. 21. Once the floor was opened to questions, the candidates responded to issues that directly interest students. The first debate focused on the stances and positions they will … [Read more...]

Student votes give students a voice

With the next presidential election Nov. 8, voters' time to choose a presidential campaign to back is only 20 days away.In this election, it is crucial, now more than ever, for young voters to become educated on the two primary candidates and to participate in this election.In today's society, … [Read more...]

Student debaters talk political stereotypes

Even though the race to the White House has come to an end, the issues faced by both parties aren’t going away anytime soon. Manny Hoffmann, political science junior, and Marco Torres, history senior, the two students who took the Republican and Democratic stances at the student debate, have their … [Read more...]

Republicans and Democrats battle at podium

Two students, one representing the Republican ideals, and one representing the Democratic ideals, faced off in a crash of hot topics about the nation’s political issues in Dillard 101. The debate had a representative of the Democrats and Republicans. The two students answered a range of questions in … [Read more...]

Record levels of dissatisfaction fuel election trends

Americans, this fall, are being polled incessantly. Almost every day, sometimes more than one time a day, a new poll comes out for this or that.Yet, almost regardless of who does the polling or when Americans are polled this fall, the results are the same.They are dissatisfied with the direction the … [Read more...]

Students cram together for final debate

As the third and final debate raged on, students packed together in the Sunwatcher Clubhouse to see the two presidential candidates' performance. Students crowded around the television, taking all of the seats and forcing some students to stand.“It went better than the first debates went in my … [Read more...]

Are you watching the debate tonight? What debate?

What are you watching?"Netflix," Caylan Deutsch, early childhood education sophomore, said.What are you watching on Netflix?"Gossip Girl," Deutsch said.How come you are not watching the debate?"I didn't know when the debate was," Julia Lucas, early childhood education sophomore, said."I'm just not … [Read more...]