Don’t hate my date

When most young adults start college, parents and friends advise them not to get into a relationship for at least their first full year as freshmen. They are bombarded with reasons not to even date in college, like that their grades will go down, or they'll forget to make friends. Or, anyone's … [Read more...]

Quality over quantity: making time for your significant other

How did you transition your priorities from your best friend to your significant other?Frank: Well my priorities did not fully transition from my best friend to my girlfriend. Jeff (my best friend) understands that there are going to be certain times that I'm going to want to hang out with my girl, … [Read more...]

Freshmen, take note: Lessons from a senior

Dear Freshman Self, As I look back on my mostly pleasant three years at Midwestern State University, I often think of things I would have done differently. Although I have no regrets, and take every experience (good or bad) as a learning experience, I do wish I had the insight then that I do now. … [Read more...]