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Tyler Manning | Editor

Tyler Manning is the editor for The Wichitan. Tyler is in his fourth year, majoring in mass communication with a minor in broadcasting. His time at The Wichitan began as a film critic in the spring semester of 2017. His appreciation for film led him to the publication as he wanted an outlet for his opinion on film. His goal is to move to Los Angeles after his time here at MSU and pursue a career in filmmaking. Tyler aims to utilize his time as the editor toward bettering his leadership skills. If you ever see him on campus, ask him what he thinks of Star Wars.

Justin Marquart | Visuals Editor

Justin Marquart is the visuals editor for The Wichitan. This is his third year as an art major with an emphasis in printmaking and a minor in journalism. He got into design in high school when he was on the design team for his school’s yearbook. He started working with The Wichitan the first week of his first year here at Midwestern State University. He started out as a designer for the first year, during his second year he was the design editor and now he is the visuals editor, being in charge of photography/photographers and design/designers.

Cortney Wood | Managing Editor

Cortney Wood is the managing editor for The Wichitan. She is a mass communication sophomore and hasn’t picked a minor yet because all the mass communication ones are too cool to choose from. Cortney has been involved with newspaper since her freshman year of high school where she instantly knew her second home was a newsroom; whether that’s because she loves inviting people to share their story with her or her addiction to the newsroom craziness is still up for debate. She served all four years in high school and made her way up the chain of command from reporter to news editor, managing editor, then finally co-editor. She began her Wichitan journey fall 2016 and took over features editor fall 2017. As a full-time student with two part-time jobs, Cortney tends to cover tons of grounds, which means she’ll always make time to stop and have a chit-chat with whoever about anything.

Francisco Martinez | Photo  Editor

Francisco Martinez is a photographer for The Wichitan. Francisco is in his fourth year majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. He was born in Long Island, New York and graduated from Hillcrest High School in Dallas, Texas. Throughout all of high school he played Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Football, Track, Cross Country, Wrestling, Swimming, and was in Marching Band since 6th grade. His interest in photography began after he’s friend let him borrow a camera during a basketball game to take pictures.


Cort Beynon| Business Manager

Cort Beynon is the business manager for The Wichitan. He is a freshman studying finance and has not chosen a minor. This is his first time working for a newspaper, and he is very excited to have this experience. He is a fan of all things sci-fi and fantasy. Anytime he is not studying, he is hanging out with friends or playing video games.



Kara McIntyre | Copy Editor

Kara McIntyre is a reporter for The Wichitan. She is mass communication senior graduating in May. She’s been involved with newspaper since her sophomore year in high school, where she served as sports editor and assistant editor-in-chief. She started working for The Wichitan after taking Dr. Wilson’s media reporting and writing class, serving as managing editor for one semester before taking over as editor in fall 2016 until December 2017. She was also the director of career and personal development in Chi Omega sorority, where she’s been a member for the last three years and fulfilled two other leadership positions — director of public relations and director of community service. Her areas of interest include investigative reporting, journalism, reading, Netflix and loving all the dogs in the world.

Shea James | Visuals Staff

Shea James is a photographer and a designer for The Wichitan. Shea is in her first year, majoring in Fine Arts. She graduated from Leander High School in Cedar Park, Tx. She has four years of experience in high school which include, numerous art classes, journalism, photo journalism and photography. Her interests are taking photos and capturing really awesome moments, hanging out with friends and enjoying life.


Chloe Phillips | Reporter

Chloe Phillips is a Reporter for The Wichitan. Chloe is in her third year majoring in mass communication with a minor in journalism. She transferred to MSU Fall 2017 from Lone Star College- North Harris in Houston, TX. Her specific areas of interest are fashion journalism, investigative reporting, and watching Apple Keynotes.



Latoya Fondren | Reporter

Latoya Fondren is a reporter for The Wichitan. She is a junior majoring in mass communications with a minor in television broadcast. She moved to Texas from her hometown of Chicago, IL in August of 2016 and officially joined The Wichitan Spring of 2017. Her goal is to become a news anchor in the broadcast industry. She also served as a reporter for The Herald, the college newspaper of Harold Washington college in Chicago IL and is  also a member of the Black Student Union and plans to become more active on campus while becoming well rounded in her skill traits. Her areas of interest include writing motivational pieces, traveling, news, shopping, having fun, and exercising.

Sarah Graves | Reporter

Sarah Graves is a reporter for The Wichitan. Sarah is in her second year at MSU, majoring in mass communication. She joined the staff after taking Dr. Wilson’s media reporting and writing class in spring 2016. She is also a member of MSU Bigs and the Advertising Federation. In her free time, Sarah enjoys watching Netflix and playing with her nephew, Evan.


Herbert McCullough | Reporter

Herbert McCullough is a second-year transfer student at MSU and he is currently majoring in political science and is minoring in global studies. He has been involved with the Wichitan since his first semester at MSU. His reporting is focused on the general activities that are hosted by MSU. He has also served as a founding reporter and editor of The Lion’s Pride, the college newspaper of Mountain View College. He is also president of Amnesty International, treasurer of the Spanish club, and senator of the German club. His areas of interest include studying current events, writing, playing soccer, and surfing the web and his favorite countries are Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands, South African and Norway.

Alex Rios | Reporter

Alex Rios is a reporter for The Wichitan. She is an English/secondary education sophomore. She was in the Creative Writing Club, and Psychology Club her senior year of high school and was in choir all four years of high school, three of those years on Varsity. Her interests include, writing poetry, reading, hanging out with her three Jack Russell Terriers, and singing and listening to music.



Alyssa Mitchell | Reporter

Alyssa Mitchell is a reporter for The Wichitan. She is a mass communication major just shy of being a junior. She has been working as part of the Wichitan as a journalist for about a year. She hasn’t decided on a minor because she’s torn between journalism and PR. Alyssa likes to sing, paint and wrote in her free time and she’s super friendly. If you see her don’t be afraid to say hello


Devin Field | Reporter

Devin Field is a reporter for The Wichitan. She is a mass communication freshman, minoring in broadcast. She was born in McKinney, Texas and graduated from McKinney High School. Her future goals are to work as NFL sideline reporter or work for the entertainment industry. She hopes to move to New York City after graduation and has been involved in journalism for 5 years and has a passion for reporting.


Makayla Scheck | Sports Reporter

Makayla Scheck is a sports reporter for The Wichitan. She is a marketing freshman, focusing on sports marketing. She has been involved in sports her whole life and has always loved to write. She wanted to join the newspaper in her high school but her sports schedule conflicted. Coming to Midwestern State University she could not join sports due to an injury, so The Wichitan was how she could get involved.


Rachel Johnson | Photographer

Rachel Johnson is a photographer for The Wichitan. Rachel is in her fourth year in mass communication with a minor in broadcasting. She started getting into photography her freshman year of high school, then took a photojournalism class and a yearbook course where her passion for photography only grew. She has been working for The Wichitan on and off for the past three years as a photographer and photo editor. Photography has become a creative outlet and also what she hopes to pursue as a career. Her goal is to capture the world through her lens and show others how to look at life with an open mind and a different perspective.

Bridget Reilly | Photojournalist

Bridget Reilly is a photojournalist for The Wichitan. Bridget is in her third year, double majoring in sociology and criminal justice. She is from Canberra, Australia, and moved to MSU to run cross country and track. Her passion for photography started young when she received a camera for her 14th birthday. It wasn’t until joining The Wichitan when she found her second passion for journalism. Bridget’s hobbies are watching re-runs of Grey’s Anatomy and Law and Order: SVU, and petting dogs.



Elias Maki | Photographer

Elias Maki is a photographer for The Wichitan. Elias is in his first year at MSU, majoring in biology with a minor in chemistry. He was born in Amarillo, Texas and graduated from Canyon High School in Canyon, Texas. His goal is graduate and go to dental school. His interests include photography, video making, camping, hiking and listening to music. His interest in photography began when he joined his school’s yearbook class in junior high school, where he was responsible for capturing his school’s most important moments. Since then, his passion for photography has only increased, which eventually led him to join The Wichitan.

Harlie David | Photographer

Harlie David is a Photographer for The Wichitan. Harlie is in her third year majoring in psychology with a minor in criminal justice. She plans to attend law school after graduation. She has always had an interest in photography and has taken some online classes to further her knowledge. Harlie started with The Wichitan her junior year and sees it as great opportunity to explore the creativity and excitement photography has to offer. Her areas of interest include photography, music, horseback riding, and reading.


Bradley Wilson | Adviser

Bradley Wilson is the adviser for The Wichitan. An associate professor of mass communication, he also teaches the media reporting and writing class and advanced reporting class. He got his start in Austin, working as a photographer for what was then a family-owned, local newspaper, the Westlake Picayune, that published a weekly newspaper of 60 pages or more per week. His specific areas of interest include local media, social media, photojournalism and design.

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