Talent show to be held on March 25

Sri Lankan Students’ Organization President Tarusha Wanigasekera hosting the Mustangs on Stage Auditions February 22, 2017

The Sri Lankan Students’ organization (SSO) is hosting a talent show on March 25. Starting at 6 p.m. at Akin Auditorium there will be numerous acts including a martial arts routine, a tribal dance and a Sri Lankan native dance.

“We really want to display the diversity that MSU has to offer. We did not want to just showcase Sri Lankan culture, we want to facilitate more connection across MSU,” Tharusha Wanigasekera, SSO president, said.

A Sri Lankan performance only would be significantly easier to organize and fund, but the organization has a larger goal than entertainment. This performance, is as diverse as the audience of students that are hoped to attend, it is aimed towards unity and multi-cultural diffusion.

“Honestly I hadn’t heard that much about the event before this conversation, but I find it very admirable that an organization would host an event like this,” Adrian Lopez, education freshman, said. “I love that this organization is going out of their way to showcase the talents of many other cultures and diversities.”

The Show Currently has approximately 16 planned acts all from different backgrounds and diversities. This type event will mark the largest in organization history and one of the largest and most unique shows in MSU history according to the organization’s website. Students have never had the opportunity to attend or perform in an event such as this, sponsored and organized by students for students.

“Right now we’re still trying to secure a few more sponsors to help with the last bit of funding,” Wanigasekera said.

The SSO is primarily funding the performance through the organization’s collection of “dues” (fees collected from members). The rest will come from corporate sponsors.