Moffett Movie Madness: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Approximately 52 people attended the showing of the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Toilet paper flew at the screen. Rice and confetti thrown into the air. Water guns squirted in all directions. Shouts of obscenity could be heard in the audience throughout the film. Normally these are all signs of a terrible time, but on this night it was all part of the show.

It was Moffett Movie Madness in the leisure room of Moffett Library Tuesday night and the screening of choice was the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show.

“This is truly one of the most interactive films ever,” assistant professor of humanities Brinton Coxe said as he introduced the film.

A tradition in the screening of the film is to interact by throwing certain items at specific points in the film as well as shouting inappropriate responses to things the characters say in the film.

Bags of props, provided by PRIDE, were distributed to the audience. It consisted of rice, confetti, water guns, party hats, toilet paper, and other items.

All of these items were used to simulate different scenes in the film, such as throwing toilet paper when the character, Brad, shouts “Great Scotty!” or the water guns simulating the rain that the protagonists walk through at the beginning of the film.

“My favorite part was the water guns,” Steven Mitchell, music education senior, said. “It was probably the weirdest movie experience I’ve ever had.”

The showing of the film coincided with Inclusion Now, a full week of programming dedicated to celebrating social justice at MSU.

Other events include a gender equity workshop in Dillard 189 on Thursday, a safe zone luncheon on Friday with a history of drag lecture that night along with drag bingo, and concluding with the theater production, Laramie Projects, on Friday and Saturday night.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Released Aug. 14, 1975

Directed by Jim Sharman

Stars: Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick

Budget: $1.4 million

Box office: $140.2 million