The price of printing

According to MSU’s website, the average cost of attending school in Spring 2012 for an in-state student is $5,220.00 Each students pays approximately $110 per course on miscellaneous fees. These fees are charged as “energy surcharge fee,” “library use fee,” and “technology fee.” Since we pay … [Read more...]

States should set aside differences

Florida, Texas, Alaska and other opponents of the Affordable Care Act need to get with the program. The law, funneled through Congress by Obama’s administration, hinges on an individual health care mandate that would require all American citizens to purchase health insurance or be fined. But … [Read more...]


Rick Perry has been throwing a slew of ideas around since the beginning of the presidential debates. His most recent ideas, however, are not only radical, but also not very believable. Perry stated that part of his plan would be to cut the president’s salary in half until the federal budget is … [Read more...]

Final exams mean skyrocketing stress levels

There are twelve school days left before the onset of finals. Stress levels are steadily rising and those last minute grade-raising assignments are being tentatively offered by lenient professors. For many students the stress ceases after their last final, but for countless others the stress … [Read more...]

Obama fights for veterans

“As commander-in-chief, I won’t wait, nor will I let politics get in the way of making sure that veterans share in the opportunity that they defend. If Congress won’t act, I will.” -President Obama in Monday speech It seems that in the Obama-bashing era, the President of the United States … [Read more...]


To have and to hold...for 72 days. The fit for television romance of Kim Kardashian and Kris Hump-what’s-his-name, has ended. Although the marriage was destined to end, I was surprised at how soon it did. Everyone, from her sisters to the lady at the local pharmacy counter, knew this would … [Read more...]

This is about ethics

A state auditor’s report released last week stated that MSU administrators had acted legally in spending $84,345 to lavishly decorate the Harvey House, a mansion in the Country Club area of Wichita Falls. The off-campus mansion, donated to the university by a wealthy family in 2009, has since been … [Read more...]


Halloween is a great excuse to look absolutely ridiculous, irresistibly sexy, and in some cases a little bit slutty. It’s Halloween, why not look like a prostitute? Oh wait, since it’s Halloween that means it’s just called “cute” and “sexy” instead. My bad. There is a fine line between “sexy” … [Read more...]

Lindsay Lohan not Playboy material

Lindsay Lohan once said, “My motto is: Live every day to the fullest - in moderation.” Moderation is not something Lohan has a clue about. Moderation requires self-control. Lohan lacks self-control. Moderation requires knowing your limits. Lohan knows nothing of her substance limits. Moderation … [Read more...]

Netflix: 810,000 down

The Internet’s top movie-rental service, Netflix, has been losing subscribers steadily since July. The issue? Rising prices and talk about complicating the renting process. The popularity of Netflix was rapid and almost overwhelming. In the second quarter of this fiscal year Netflix reported … [Read more...]