Olympics: no Facebook!

The 2012 summer Olympics, held in London, England, are fast approaching. There has been much uproar about the logo for the games, which was accused of looking first like the word “Zion” and then the word “Nazi”...and now apparently looks like the swastika symbol. The logo hasn’t been the only … [Read more...]

Newspapers are fueled by what the patrons want to read

I’ve heard, from multiple sources, that everyone in the Wichitan hates everyone else and is out to drag all organization names through the mud. To be honest, that’s all a little exaggerated. No, we don’t hate everyone. Yes, we report quite a bit of negative news. But, which news sources … [Read more...]

Mars is still untouchable

After the space exploration program was shut down last year, it was unclear how the private multi-billion dollar industry was going to continue. NASA’s 30-year shuttle program ended last July with the voyage of Atlantis. The space shuttle Discovery has become a museum piece, turned over by … [Read more...]

George Zimmerman: bigot or victim of the media?

By Eric Arthur Blair On February 26, 2012, we know that Trayvon Martin died from a gunshot wound from a gun fired by George Zimmerman. We know Zimmerman had called 9-1-1 to report a suspicious person walking around the neighborhood. We know Zimmerman disregarded the dispatcher’s pleas to … [Read more...]

A Pretty Penny

Take a deep breath. Smell that? It’s wasted donor money. The university, specifically President Dr. Jesse Rogers, has spent $84,000 in funds from the MSU Foundation over the last 10 years on flowers. About $75,000 of that went to Lola Pitzer, a florist in Caddo. Pitzer’s relationship with … [Read more...]

Participation in MSU activities is waning

By Sarah Long MSU may be small, but the university does its best to provide fun activities for students to get involved with…or does it? The University Programming Board (UPB) spends large amounts of money every semester in an effort to encourage students to become more involved on campus, but … [Read more...]

A Greek Tragedy

It’s Greek Week here at MSU. So it seems only appropriate to discuss a large issue within the Greek system. The average overall GPA of fraternities and sororities for the fall semester is 2.38. This is not exactly impressive, as Greeks are supposedly held to a higher expectation of academic … [Read more...]

Local theatre causes woes

By Sarah Long With the re-release of Titanic approaching, it got me thinking; why does it seem like Carmike, the mall movie theater, always gets the good movies? Cinemark is newer, cleaner and an obvious choice for a comfortable watching experience. Yet time and time again this theater … [Read more...]

The desert is green

On March 11, U.S. Staff Sgt. Robert Bales allegedly murdered native civilians in Afghanistan. While many Afghanis have demanded blood justice for these killings, the United States government has opted to take a different route. Money. The U.S. plans to award families $50,000 per deceased … [Read more...]

Conservatives: here’s a handy, ‘left-y’ pocket guide

By Winston Smith Now that we are reaching the conclusion of the primary season, and after 591 GOP debates, it is time for the annual Liberal Glossary update. This year will not only bring about the end of the world (as prophesied by Mayan peasants high as hell on peyote) but also the next … [Read more...]