Coach apologizes for use of profanity

After a football player said "f**k" twice on the microphone on stage at the pep rally Oct. 19 and head football coach Bill Maskill himself chanted a cheer including the word "h*ll," Maskill submitted this letter Friday, Oct. 20. MSU Students, Faculty, Staff and Wichita Falls Community, We would … [Read more...]

Fulfilling our liberal arts mission

Dear Editor, As manufacturing jobs continue to disappear, a college degree is increasingly critical to social mobility. Additionally, the university is subject to increased pressures from all directions. Funding often comes with stipulations that privilege fiscal concerns over educational ones — … [Read more...]

A vision for a new student center includes usable, flexible space

An architect and university planner presented their master plan for Midwestern State University to faculty members and students on Jan. 28, and as with any master plan, the intention was to create an overall vision for the next 50 years that would determine the development of the university and its … [Read more...]

Interdisciplinary teaching fundamental part of ‘strategic plan’

Interdisciplinarity, scholarly initiative and innovative teaching: these are three things that most impress me about many of my new colleagues here at MSU, or as the core values of our Mission Statement puts it, “Excellence in teaching, learning, scholarship, and artistic production.” Indeed, these … [Read more...]

Engineering benefits from liberal arts university

MSU has an illustrious history of providing excellent engineering education to students in this area thanks to the vision of Jesse Rogers and a group of local engineers and entrepreneurs. As the chair of the McCoy School of Engineering, I am proud to confirm that our graduates function at a high … [Read more...]

‘Car Art’ has a name

  In the last publication of The Wichitan, an article with the headline “Car Art Should Be Cleaned Up” caused quite a buzz in the Fain Fine Arts Visual Arts Department.  Many of the students were upset because they felt that it gave a bad depiction of Hironari Kubota’s sculpture, … [Read more...]

Dean questions speaker invitation

Dear Wichitan Editor: I read with interest the Wichitan’s report on the background and achievements of Dr. Ben Carson, this year’s Commencement speaker at MSU.  I read with consternation the comments on homosexuality attributed to Dr. Carson in the same article.  I realize that Dr. Carson has … [Read more...]

Blood drive refuses to accept gay student’s blood

Tuesday, I was approached to donate blood on campus. Of course without a doubt I agreed to do so because it benefits not just me, but it could save a life. I then started the process of filling out information and getting ready to donate. There was a questionnaire with about 40 or so odd … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor – Oct. 17, 2012

Senior supports university president My name is Joshua Robert Scribner (and I feel it important to include that, because I believe in standing behind your words), and I am a graduating senior this semester. I felt it important to send you this, because I know that it seems like the morale is so low … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor – October 10, 2012

I read an interesting letter addressing the poor administrative leadership on the MSU campus and felt inclined to comment on these issues from a student’s perspective. Anyone can see and feel the low morale of students. Students are no longer happy to be at MSU and are eagerly and anxiously … [Read more...]