Sikes House spending tops $875,000

Constant maintenance keeps workers busy  Upkeep on the Sikes House, the two-story presidential residence across Midwestern from campus, isn’t cheap. Since 2002, costs to maintain it have topped $875,000 as carpenters, electricians and custodians from MSU’s Physical Plant put in at least … [Read more...]

University spends $84,000 for flowers

Museum board member rakes in about $75,000; other florists get $9,447 A museum board member who lives in Caddo, Texas was paid nearly $75,000 to craft lavish floral arrangements for university functions over the past 10 years. Local florists drummed up less than $10,000 in university … [Read more...]

Greek chapter GPAs strike an all-time low

National data boasts that members of fraternities and sororities have higher GPAs than the average non-affiliated student. But Greek Life coordinator Kevin Bazner said at MSU that is not necessarily the case. Last semester, over half of the reconginzed Greek chapters on campus saw its grade … [Read more...]

Segregation era students recall days at Midwestern

By Kyle Egan In 1951,18-year-old Helen Thursby tried enrolling at Midwestern, but was denied entry because of the color of her skin. Thursby was one of six students who was denied registration for classes because Midwestern informed them that their applications were not filed … [Read more...]

Costume virtuoso tells all

By Grace Holloway Have ever pondered what “Hot Pants” were or where they originated from? All you would have to do now is go to Moffett Library to the reference section and flip open The Complete Costume Dictionary. When you get your answer, you can give thanks to Elizabeth Lewandowski, the … [Read more...]

‘Great Day of Service’ builds unity

Service event promotes student involvement and community service MSU students volunteered for various activities around the community on Saturday for the annual Great Day of Service. Hundreds of students filed into the Atrium to pick up their assignments and get to work. Student … [Read more...]

In the running

While some seniors count down the days to graduation, Casey O’Donnell is leading campaign meetings and gathering registered voters. He’s running for Wichita Falls City Council. O’Donnell, a political science major, hopes to named the District 3 councilor seat on May 15. Elections being May … [Read more...]

Students hit with rising dining prices in the café

By Kassie Bruton The nationwide rise of food and gas prices has forced MSU to hike dining service rates. The decision was made in February by the Board of Regents. Meal plans will go up as well the cost of individual meals. “This next school year, food and beverage cost are expected to be … [Read more...]

Recycling dumpsters will save MSU funds

Story by Kyle Egan MSU has placed three recycling dumpsters on campus to encourage students and faculty members to become involved in conservation. The initiative will also save MSU $1,600 annually. Kyle Owen, associate vice president of Facilities and Services, and Dominique Calhoun, … [Read more...]

New police vehicles patrol university grounds

By Andre Gonzalez “Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do? What you gonna do when they come for you?” MSU campus police can use Inner Circle’s one hit as inspiration now that they have two new Ford F-150 squad pickup trucks to help in the fight against crime. The trucks were being sported … [Read more...]