MSU enrollment drops in DFW students

*These numbers reflect the enrollment statistics of students who live in Texas. The numbers for 2011 were not included in the graph because they were calculated using the figures for out-of state and foreign students, among others. According to documents obtained from the MSU admissions office, the … [Read more...]

Interracial dating: Skin color isn’t important to these three MSU couples

 By Elascha Davila-Hicks  What’s the color of love? In the U.S., about 33 percent of people 18 or younger belong to racial minorities. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 20 percent of public school students are immigrants or children of immigrants. An environment of racial diversity … [Read more...]

Regents discuss housing, investments

Drawn-back housing, Internet portal technology and university investments were the focus of the Board of Regents meeting last week. Administrators also apprised the Board of plans to raise funds through a continued hiring freeze and by offering more courses in nursing and … [Read more...]

33 students pocket $1,000 from MSU after graduation

By Mary Cuba According to the U.S. Department of Education, one-third of American college students today graudate in four years. That is only 31 percent. MSU gave 33 students $1,000 just for graduating last year. There was only one catch: the rules. A statewide rebate program started … [Read more...]

The week in photos

Young and old enjoyed The Santa’s Express train show conducted by Jim Hughes at The Museum of Art on Thursday. The show is open every Thursday and Friday at 6 and 7 p.m. Saturday at 2, 3, 6 and 7 p.m. Admission is $ 4 and no charge for children younger than five years old.  The men of … [Read more...]

MSU employees receive campus perks

There is more to some jobs than just a salary – there are perks. Perks are non-wage compensations provided to employees in addition to their normal salaries. Still, it often adds up to more dollars in their pockets. MSU is no stranger to employee benefits, spending $143,427.60 a year on … [Read more...]

Fantasy of Lights brings new spark to 70-year-old tradition

By Alexis Elder The new coordinator of Fantasy of Lights at MSU aims to put a new spark into a 70-year old tradition by bringing new additions to the historic program. For the first time there will also be live music. Randy Canivel, assistant director at the MSU Wellness Center, was appointed the … [Read more...]

Computer lab hours change to save money

By Alexis Elder Computer lab hours at Midwestern have been altered to save money. From 2007 to 2012, Michael P. Dye, chief information officer, said the 20 computer labs were not being utilized and was costing MSU too much money. The computer hours have changed at the Clark Student Center … [Read more...]

MSU alumna to compete in Miss California pageant

When Amar Spencer hits the runaway at the Miss California pageant, the MSU alumni has plans to represent her Alma matar proudly. The 24-year-old from the Caribbean island of Antigua will be competing in her first beauty pageant in January and is looking for the support from the place she once … [Read more...]

Library fines skyrocket

By Icis Morton MSU is falling short when it comes to collecting library fines. Last year, library fines hit $48,634,14 but only $13,179.42 was collected. In 2009, library fines totaled $45,312.52 but only $11,181.43 was rounded up. Since August, 245 students have been fined $1,762.01 by … [Read more...]