The Burrito Shop offers big meals at small price

Chicken combo burrito from the Burrito Shop.

Chicken combo burrito from the Burrito Shop.

The Burrito Shop serves gigantic burritos at a fair price with no frills.

Located downtown across the street from Bank of America, this Mexican restaurant offers the standard variety of meat, cheese, potato and beans, and they do it pretty well.

Some might consider it a hole in the wall, but it’s the epitome of casual dining. There’s no host to seat diners at a table. Instead, we just ordered from the front counter and sat ourselves.

I went with the Chicken combo: chicken, potatoes, beans, eggs and cheese. They didn’t have fountain drinks, but the pricing was fair on the bottled soda at $1.50, bringing my total to $6.50 for the burrito and the drink.

The burrito was a lot bigger than I planned for, making this a great place to go for a filling breakfast. All of the ingredients went well together, striking a perfect balance of flavor and heartiness. Did I mention the burritos are huge?

I wouldn’t say it was the best burrito I have had in Wichita Falls, but it was great for the price considering how large the portions are.

Of course, The Burrito Shop wouldn’t be a burrito shop without salsa, so they offer two: green and red. The red stuff is for those who like to add flavor without adding too much heat, while the green salsa is for the more adventurous eaters. The flavor of both is great, but I kept going back for the green sauce because the ratio of heat to flavor is perfect for my tastes. Definitely try them both.

It’s too bad The Burrito Shop closes after lunch at 2 p.m. because this place serves the perfect after-bar meal.

Be warned that the store only takes cash and there are no signs on the outside to let customers know, so we had to leave the restaurant to find an ATM. Weirdly enough, the bank across the street had no ATM, so come prepared and bring cash.

The restaurant could have been cleaner, with dirty floors and a trash can on the verge of overflowing, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our hearty meals.

Our food came out in about five minutes, making this a great place to grab a meal to go.

I’ve had people tell me this is the best burrito place in town, but really it is the best burrito in town for the price. The burritos didn’t have anything special to them that wowed me, but I got exactly what I asked for and at a price I was happy to pay.

I would recommend this place for lunch any day of the week if the uncleanliness doesn’t bother you. Maybe even pick up two burritos and reheat the extra one in the oven or microwave after a long night out.

907 9th St Wichita Falls, TX 76301
(940) 766-4086