A picture posted of a Midwestern student on social media last week has drawn attention to the subject of discrimination on campus. The picture, originally posted on Yeti, features senior psychology major Marco Torres walking into the CSC. Text at the top of the picture reads, “See a Fag, Post a Fag … [Read more...]

Leroy: a friend to everyone

Always grinning ear to ear, Leroy McIlhaney, whether he is discussing the latest updates on campus athletics, chastising players, or flirting with the girls, is a campus favorite. When Rob Mcllhaney, a former assistant basketball coach for MSU, found out Leroy was his cousin, he brought him to … [Read more...]

Too much for Family Day; not enough for Homecoming

Now that all the festivities of Family Day are officially over let’s retrace. Although 2,933 people registered, there seemed to be about 1,400 in attendance on Saturday, about 900 fewer than last year, and 1,500 fewer than expected for this year. The Office of Student Development and Orientation’s … [Read more...]

Super Blood Moon captures student’s attention late Sunday night

Late Sunday night some 20 student's rushed out of the library into the parking lot to see the much talked about “Blood Moon,” a special kind of lunar eclipse that occurs when the moon is the closest to the earth in its orbit. Erin Summerlin, a radiology junior, said, “I was glad to have been … [Read more...]

Tailgating Rules Affecting College Experience

  No drinking. No games. No music. Tailgate is over by half time. Security. Less underage drinking. Better game attendance. These are some of the issues going back and forth from students to university officials. Jacob Hardin, a fifth year senior in kinesiology, sports and leisure studies … [Read more...]