Representing the student body proves to be a rewarding experience

I have never experienced anything more intimidating than sitting at a boardroom table with lawyers, public accountants and university administrators to discuss the future of the university. The first time I spoke up in a Board of Regents meeting I felt like my heart was going to beat through my … [Read more...]

Silence for boston

University holds moment of silence, tribute walk for Boston victims after bombing attack On Monday afternoon terror struck one of the largest marathons in the United States. Near the finish line of the Boston Marathon two bombs erupted in quick succession. The bombs, just blocks apart, … [Read more...]

Cups and masks predict election outcome

People have come up with entertaining and accurate ways to determine the outcome of presidential elections. This year, the results of a few alternative forms of voting were spot on in predicting the outcome of the presidential election.  Unscientific methods are a fun way to predict the outcome … [Read more...]

Professor shares breast cancer experience

Anne-Marie Williamson, assistant nursing professor, said she found a mass one day in her breast. She immediately made an appointment with her doctor. When she made it to her surgeon she was told that the mass was not cancerous, however doctors were concerned that it might develop into … [Read more...]

Titanic finder tells under the sea adventures

Robert Ballard is best known for his discoveries of the R.M.S. Titanic and the sites of the Bismark, Lusitania, Battle of Guadalcanal and the USS Yorktown. However, deep-sea explorer brought tales of extraordinary exploration to the table when he spoke during the Artist-Lecture Series on Oct. … [Read more...]

Flu Season Has Arrived

Flu season is now underway. According to the ETR Association, up to one in five Americans get the flu each year. It begins on the first day of October and carries through the early spring months. Bringing with it body aches, dry coughs, and a fever. “I had the flu my senior year in high … [Read more...]