Vinson Health Center talks money not care

Following spring break, the Wichitan learned that a student was refused treatment at the Vinson Health Center  after she was raped. The female student was told she needed to have a psychological evaluation done first before they could do a STD test. Students pay high tuition to be medically … [Read more...]

Students should rule homecoming

SGA's changes to voting proved commendable even with obvious flaws OUR VIEW: The Student Government Association adds GPA and community service requirements to homecoming nominee process, but leaves it up to a Homecoming Committee of SGA members. Last year’s homecoming week was drenched in … [Read more...]

$99 safety button app does not ensure safety

OUR VIEW: Students are already loaded with enough bills, $99 for a panic button is unnecessary. MyForce is making money off people’s fears and believes they are improving their image by doing so. It is a cold night, tired and exhausted after studying at the ­library for hours till the clock … [Read more...]

Enrollment decreases

OUR VIEW: University needs to increase freshmen enrollment, because student enrollment is the lowest since fall 2004. Compared to 1,213 juniors and 1,902 seniors, 702 freshmen is a very low number. If this number do not change soon, tuition will increase from year to year until hopefully better … [Read more...]

Midwestern needs to start recycling

SGA needs to implement a better recycling program May it be plastic, paper, metal, glass, electronics or compost, the Student Government Association needs to implement a better recycling program. Trash cans collecting plastic, paper and cans are embarrassing to an academic facility and do not … [Read more...]

Students need to preserve water

City will hit stage 4 water restrictions by summer if the community does not act OUR VIEW: As part of the community, students have to work together to save water, because the future does not promise heavy rainfall to end this drought. Water is getting scarce. As of Wednesday, Feb. 6, the city … [Read more...]

Smoke in Moffett library raises commotion

As about 25 students did their late night studying on Wednesday, Feb. 6 in the library, the children’s book section on the second floor filled up with smoke at 9 p.m., due to a defect air conditioning blower motor. Working staff evacuated the building, while the police and fire department inspected … [Read more...]

Scouts should allow gay members

Proud Safe Space member, professor Anderson, supports Obama initiatives On Feb. 3 President Barack Obama said gay people should be allowed in the Boy Scouts to end long-held exclusions of minorities. The proposal opens up a discussion to this week’s Boy Scouts’ national executive board meeting, … [Read more...]

Guns protect students

Should students carry concealed weapons on campus? Senate Bill 182  works against school shootings by allowing guns on campus After the recent shooting in Newtown, Conn. at a public school, the government is taking action in preventing further school massacres. Whether or not students should be … [Read more...]