Case of the graduation blues

In eighteen days the December 2012 graduates will be walking the stage, myself included. I can’t speak for everyone, but personally, I am terrified. I feel like I have been more than prepared to face the world post grad yet find myself numb and totally unprepared for a real job in my field. This … [Read more...]

Bad attitude overshadows Thanksgiving

Normally November is a time people express what they are thankful for. I’m not sure if people are extra rude this month because school stress, poor weather or maybe people are just anxious for December break. Either way people need to take a step back and chill out. I am disappointed in the … [Read more...]

The Mustang approach

University enrollment has been declining for several semesters, with a 4.3 percent drop this fall. On Saturday, the admissions office hosted Mustang Rally to gave prospective students and parents an opportunity to preview the university. According to Keith Lamb, vice president of student … [Read more...]

Confessions from an American seeking actual change

In the past two weeks, this country has been turned upside down. We have finally named our next president of the United States and depending on how people voted on an individual basis, people are either really happy right now or really pissed. Politics will continue to dominate news feeds on … [Read more...]

Halloween sends the wrong message to children

Today is Halloween and many of you have already been celebrating. The one time of the year it is pefectly acceptable to slut-it-up and rock some totally outlandish outfit you would never wear otherwise. I am a firm believer in hoein’ out on Halloween. It’s the best thing about it. So for … [Read more...]

Anti-bullying month tainted by hate speech

Last week the newspaper took quite a beating after reporting on possible homecoming tampering allegations. Students took to social media and in a hostile and aggressive way to express how they felt about their reporting. This is not directed at everyone, so please do not think … [Read more...]

And the Greeks win again. Who called it?

I don’t think anyone was surprised when the Greeks dominated the Homecoming ballot this year,  but Sigma Kappa took it took a whole new level when they swept every single category this homecoming. Mean Girls said it best: “Raise your hand if you have ever felt victimized by…” Some are insinuating … [Read more...]

Homecoming nominations are a place for just Greeks?

This week is homecoming, which means one thing only:  let the popularity contest begin. Which isn’t a bad a thing, considering homecoming is just that. Before I go any further I need to clarify, this is not a hate on Greek rant but more of a statistical approach to homecoming from my own personal … [Read more...]

Breast cancer is not the only cancer

Pink products are dominating the shelves and that can only mean one thing. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is here. But did you know that October is also Liver Cancer Awareness Month? Most people don’t. Susan G. Komen for the Cure has done an outstanding job raising awareness for breast cancer, … [Read more...]

Get your rain boots ready, flood season is here

As we reach mid- September the air has cooled faster than usual, and the summer drought appears to be over. The rain has been coming down sporadically this past week in Wichita Falls and we have begun the transition into a cool crisp fall. You will never find a person who loves autumn as much as … [Read more...]