‘Urinetown’ musical coming in spring

Twenty-one cast members. Five understudies. One Urinetown. A satirical comedy musical titled "Urinetown" will be put on by the theater department this spring. This musical is famous for satirizing the legal system, social irresponsibility, corporate mismanagement, municipal politics, populism and … [Read more...]

Football defeats No. 2 team in division

The No. 10 football team defeated the No. 2 Texas A&M-Commerce Lions on Saturday, Oct. 7 with a score of 47-42, bringing its overall record to 4-0. MSU has won three straight games against the Lions, and this win is the highest-ranked team the Mustangs have ever beaten. The team will travel … [Read more...]

Living on campus: tips from a junior

Welcome to some of the best (and worst) memories you will make. You will have a hate-love relationship with your residence hall room and roommates by the time you leave, but you will never forget the memories you make. So here are some tips from a junior who has already been there and done … [Read more...]

669 graduate in spring ceremony

Facts and figuresCompare spring 2014 and spring 2013 DATE | May 14, 2016LOCATION | Kay Yeager ColiseumSPEAKER | Michael Obeng, plastic surgeon and 1997 MSU graduate in chemistry"Even though you might think you did this by yourself, there are many people behind the scenes who helped you get … [Read more...]

Social media is more than retweets and friend counts

Social media networks have started to take over the way people run their lives, from how they find friends or dates, to how people post their day to day activities as if it were a personal diary. Nearly any information someone could ever hope to know can be located in seconds via devices that fit in … [Read more...]

On the ballot: SGA candidates discuss platforms

PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATESRELATED: Gray, Mendoza-Lespron will make perfect SGA team Andrew Gray | Business administration and management juniorWhat word best describes you?“Humble [because of personal life] and professional [because of managerial experience].What are your qualifications?Junior class … [Read more...]

Benefits outweigh pitfalls of working with your significant other

Francisco Martinez, photographer at The Wichitan and criminal justice junior, and Rachel Johnson, photo editor at The Wichitan and mass communication sophomore, have been in a relationship for nearly a year. They also work together. On top of that, Rachel is Fran's boss. They discuss how they … [Read more...]

Emergency meeting to amend by-laws wraps up fast

On Feb. 23 the Student Government Association held an emergency meeting to amend the new by-laws for this year's elections, held in Bolin 100, with about 35 students in attendance.Mark Brown, SGA vice-president, started off the meeting after roll call with a thank you to all who were in attendance … [Read more...]

Love is in the air at Valentine’s Day dinner, concert

The soft and smooth voice of Mitch Clark with the cozy guitar filled the student center, Feb. 12 for an early Valentine's Day celebration. Lollipops and flower petals decorated the tables in room Wichita, 30 students enjoyed spaghetti, meatballs, bread, salad, and various desserts from Market … [Read more...]

Student Government plans to change by-laws

Student Government Association's meeting was a little longer than most, because of the continuous problems that seem to arise every election (i.e. rigged voting, illegal campaigning, bad advertising of dates to the student body, etc.).Once all of the committees were addressed, the floor was open for … [Read more...]