Palettes o’ plenty: part two

The best things come in small packages, don’t they? The holiday season has once again presented a feast of amazing beauty palettes and kits. While they might have higher price stickers, they are well worth it. Consider the following fresh items as wish list ideas, gift options or simply a splurge … [Read more...]

Old Hollywood glamour comes out for an encore

Marilyn Monroe. Film noir. Sultry starlets. Winged-tip black eyeliner and bold red lips have reappeared as the hottest look of the season. The classic look has always been sported on Halloween along with flowy white dresses and blonde, curly wigs, but it has made its debut back into the everyday … [Read more...]

Keep on shaving, girls

No-Shave November sneaks its way around the corner every year. Suddenly most male species put down their razors and let their facial hair grow…and grow. While some people have turned this annual tradition into a good thing, such as Movember and Sons, a global movement that raises money in the U.S. … [Read more...]

No tricks, just treats

Halloween is finally here – the holiday known for dressing up as anything or anyone you wish and going around to strangers’ houses for goodies. But what happens when you get to the age that you can’t do that anymore, and all Halloween is to you is an excuse to go to a costume party? If you still … [Read more...]

Winterizing your hair and skin routines

It may still be warm in Texas, but the weather is already changing. And with the new season comes dry, itchy skin and brittle hair. So how do you help keep them healthy during colder months? Proper moisturizing can go a long way!   HAIR Let’s start with hair. There are many hair types, … [Read more...]

Brows that say “WOW!”

Eyebrows. They add definition, character and expression to your face. Everyone’s brows are shaped differently, and colorations vary drastically. This is yet another feature that makes every single person unique. Brows have the potential to be a great trait on your face, but many people don’t think … [Read more...]

Several shades of gray to get you through fall

Cool weather has blown into town and everyone is bundling up in warm coats and fun scarves. With the new temperature change comes a fresh season for fashion, which means it’s time to turn over our makeup color palettes. So dump the pastels and reach for the cool tones, because gray has taken over as … [Read more...]

Pink for a purpose

Every October, breast cancer awareness material plasters walls and websites. But many people don’t know how to give to breast cancer research other than donations. Beauty brands bring another option to us every time the pink month rolls around. So head to your nearest beauty spot and pick up a few … [Read more...]

Ring around the color wheel

ROYGBIV - it’s not that simple. There are many colors available out there, and the makeup industry has spun out probably 5 products per shade of every color known to man. So how on earth do you know what to wear and what would look good on you? It’s the color wheel to the rescue! So let’s step … [Read more...]

The hottest thing in the makeup industry

BB Cream originated in Germany where a dermatologist created it for patients to cover imperfections after laser procedures or surgery. It then grew enormously in South Korea and Japan, where healthy and natural-looking skin is extremely important. Now that it has been introduced to the western … [Read more...]