Speakers & Issues Cancellation, plus Music Series at Akin

  The effects of Superstorm Sandy are reaching beyond the Northeast coast, even touching the campus community. On Nov. 8, the Speakers and Issues Series featuring Paul Anastas, the director of Yale University’s center for green chemistry and green engineering, was canceled due to the … [Read more...]

The three deadliest words in the world

Any birth is a cause for rejoicing, or so you would think. However, when the Student Sociologists Association aired the documentary It’s a Girl this past Monday in Shawnee Theater, students were shocked to learn that in some countries, being born a girl was punishable by death. Amy Diehl, the … [Read more...]

Disability awareness key goal for student org

The Association for Disability Advocacy is bringing attention to student disabilities. Although the original organization dissolved for a few years, the ADA was revamped in fall of 2011 and is ready to serve the needs of the university and its students. “Last year I worked closely with several … [Read more...]

Students adore “Almost, Maine”

On Thursday, the Midwestern State Theatre Department began their four-day run of John Cariani’s “Almost Maine” in Bea Wood Studio Theatre. The play, directed by Laura Jefferson, ran once a day at 7:30 p.m. from Thursday to Saturday, with a final showing Sunday at  2:30 p.m. The play takes … [Read more...]

Dillard College holds ceremony for honoree

On Thursday, the Dillard College of Business Administration hosted a ceremony to honor one of the ground-breaking businessmen of Wichita Falls – L.O. Nelson III. Nelson, who served both the Wichita Falls community as a businessman and as a supportive aid, is retiring from his role as a member of … [Read more...]

Students soak up political knowledge and opinions

  Students who have a Facebook account have probably noticed the recent trend that floods their newsfeed. No, I am not talking about the start of football season, or the posts full of lingering wishes for summertime. I’m not even referring to the overflow of back to school updates or the … [Read more...]

‘Deadliest Catch’ star delivers humor and salty tales

The representative of the Artist-Lecture committee stands solidly at the podium, a cutting figure in his suit. As he begins his introductory speech, a formal affair in which the history and statistics of the speaker are presented. A lively man breaks from backstage, and calls in a friendly, yet … [Read more...]

Freshmen survival tips

Fresh-meat. Fishes. Newbies. What do all these things have in common? They’re all names for the newest members of our campus: Freshmen. At some point, everyone has gone through the dreaded freshmen phase. Some of our students are living away from home for the first time, completely new to … [Read more...]

MSU welcome two new deans

With the start of every fall semester, there are new faces to be seen around campus. Some belong to freshmen, trying to find their way in this exciting world of college. Others belong to transfer students, who are just learning about the traditions of Midwestern State. The university this semester, … [Read more...]