Marijuana violations on campus

Economic development | Enrollment | Budget | Nursing | Housing | International enrollment | Crime | Greek life When parents imagine their child going off to college, they may have some fears. Aside from alcohol, marijuana is another major substance abused on college campuses. Parents fear … [Read more...]

University President: Talk to me

Before I committed to attend MSU, I went to a Mustangs Rally. There were seniors from across the country who were curious as to what MSU had to offer; however, I already had done my research about the university and was almost sure that I would attend MSU in the fall. Instead, I was looking for … [Read more...]

Sevi’s Burritos never disappoints

Sevi’s Burritos has been around since 1981, serving plate sized burritos for a steal of a price. Sevi’s is no hole in the wall, this family owned restaurant allows customers to seat themselves. The service is quick and the food is delicious. Every time I visit I am never disappointed. The … [Read more...]

269 peepholes to be installed across campus

To provide faculty and staff members with an extra level of security, facility services staff members will be installing 269 peep holes in doors across campus beginning Oct.28. Kyle Owen, assistant vice president of facility services, said, “Last fall I got an email from Dr. Carlson. It had been … [Read more...]

Night at Lake Arrowhead full of bugs, adventures

As we approached the entrance to Lake Arrowhead State Park, I looked around at the laughing and smiling faces of my three friends. My stomach drops and I begin to feel uneasy. I tried not to show how nervous I was, this was my first camping trip. I try reassuring myself by thinking, “we’re only here … [Read more...]