Olympics: no Facebook!

The 2012 summer Olympics, held in London, England, are fast approaching. There has been much uproar about the logo for the games, which was accused of looking first like the word “Zion” and then the word “Nazi”...and now apparently looks like the swastika symbol. The logo hasn’t been the only … [Read more...]

Newspapers are fueled by what the patrons want to read

I’ve heard, from multiple sources, that everyone in the Wichitan hates everyone else and is out to drag all organization names through the mud. To be honest, that’s all a little exaggerated. No, we don’t hate everyone. Yes, we report quite a bit of negative news. But, which news sources … [Read more...]

Taking a second to ‘share’ could save someone’s life

Facebook has over 845 million monthly users. Eight hundred and forty-five MILLION people! When a juicy rumor sneaks its way onto Facebook, it spreads like wildfire. Everyone knows about it: your friends, your family, your friends’ friends, your coworkers and your grandmother who doesn’t even … [Read more...]

Who needs talent these days anyway?

Throughout history music has brought together people of different faiths, ideals, communities and nationalities. True talent used to be recognizable instantly and computers weren’t used to infuse talent into a bland and otherwise unrecognizable voice. Today it seems almost any person can make … [Read more...]

MTV, Jersey Shore and Teen Mom are rotting your brain

I totally understand the “rubber-necking” concept. I get that the woes of others are a sick, twisted, but totally appealing form of entertainment. What I fail to understand is this plague of shows that make the human race look like...dare I say it...baboons. What are these shows? It’s not … [Read more...]

LMFAO at the haters

I’ve come to the conclusion that people who hate techno, electronic or house music really have no idea what they are talking about. I’ve especially realized that they really have no idea what they’re talking about after I hear them listening to Rihanna, LMFAO or La Roux. What really irks me the … [Read more...]

Religion continues to divide itself at Midwestern State

The United States of America was built on the idea of every person having religious freedom. But as more time passes, the more it seems, that politicians as well as other social leaders are trying to convince society that American values are actually Christian values. So what has happened to the … [Read more...]

Healthy resolutions leave gym-goers packed like sardines

Every time I’ve ever made a New Year’s resolution, I’ve broken it. Truthfully, I haven’t made many New Year’s resolutions due to the fact that the self-control required to keep to my resolution has always been more than I could muster. This year, though, I’m following it through. My goal? To lose 20 … [Read more...]


Rick Perry has been throwing a slew of ideas around since the beginning of the presidential debates. His most recent ideas, however, are not only radical, but also not very believable. Perry stated that part of his plan would be to cut the president’s salary in half until the federal budget is … [Read more...]

Final exams mean skyrocketing stress levels

There are twelve school days left before the onset of finals. Stress levels are steadily rising and those last minute grade-raising assignments are being tentatively offered by lenient professors. For many students the stress ceases after their last final, but for countless others the stress … [Read more...]