Mens basketball tramples OCU in season opener

Winning a game is one thing. Winning the first game of the season is another. Completely dominating that game and scoring more than 100 points is an entirely different thing. That is exactly how the men's basketball Nov. 15 season opener, ending 103-51, against the Oklahoma City Stars could be … [Read more...]

15 students discuss guns on campus at forum

The Campus Carry Task Force held its first, and only, public forum Nov. 2 to discuss plans for the Campus Carry Law passed in the last Texas legislative session. Laura Fidelie, chair of the task force, led the forum presenting an informative case about the task force’s plans for enforcing the law … [Read more...]

About 1,400 attend Ben Carson book signing in Wichita Falls

To promote  his new book A More Perfect Union, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson signed books for about 1,400 people — including about 20 students — at Hastings Oct. 20. By 1 p.m. the display for Carson’s new book was up and in front of the store’s entrance. Three people were already … [Read more...]

Cavalry bring home three wins

The Cavalry, the Ultimate team, participated in its first tournament of the semester this past weekend, Oct. 10-11. The team brought home three victories and finished seventh place overall, when they were predicted to finish dead last. As the sun rose over Penberthy Sports Complex in College … [Read more...]

Senior tennis players plan to leave legacy

Seniors have a lot on their plates from heftier school workloads, to more demanding and in-depth classes, higher expectation from coaches, to even full-time jobs. But for three seniors on the women's tennis team the demands on their time are even more excessive.  After earning a doubles victory … [Read more...]

Ultimate team prepares for first tournament

The Ultimate team will participate in its first tournament of the year Oct. 10-11 at the Penberthy Recreation Sports Complex in College Station Texas. The players have been practicing for seven weeks and said they want to put their hard work into practice, to gain more experience, and put up some … [Read more...]

Task force to draft Campus Carry policy

The stereotypical picture of the Wild West wouldn't be complete without the gun-totin’ outlaw.To say that the Second Amendment is considered a basic right in West Texas would be considered an understatement.And the pictures of Texans with shotguns mounted on the back of their pickup trucks probably … [Read more...]