Author writes story of abuse and murder

Patricia Pulley lived a happy and peaceful life with loving family surrounding her. A happy life, that is, until the death of her husband turned everything upside down, leaving her struggling to replace the lost love, in a constant battle with abuse and ending with her murder. “She didn’t really … [Read more...]

The best from overseas available on Hulu and Netflix

Due to the amazing developments in technology over the past few years, viewers aren’t required to simply watch TV shows that stream in their own country. Netflix as well as Hulu have both adapted to the diverse taste of those sitting behind the screen by adding additional hits from … [Read more...]

Culture Shock offers a taste of India

In a combined effort to bring the Indian culture closer to American students, the Baptist Student Ministry and the Midwestern Indian Students Association held the Culture Shock event on Oct. 27. The event was during the time of the Indian festival Navratri, which lasts for nine nights, said Ajit … [Read more...]

Fraud controversy overshadows Homecoming election outcome

Seniors Lacy Talley and Zach Davis were crowned Homecoming Queen and King Saturday, but by Monday the win was tainted by controversy. Since last week, there had been whispers about if students were using other Mustang ID-numbers to increase the amount of votes for certain … [Read more...]

Campus gets connected

The campus wireless network has been shut down the week of Oct. 15–19 to make Internet available across campus. Information Technology started phase one of the project on Monday, which focuses on upgrading the network core hardware. The hardware controls all the wireless access points around … [Read more...]

Falling in love with John Cariani’s “Almost, Maine”

Young love found, destroyed and left behind in one magical night in the middle of a winter wonderland was portrayed in John Cariani’s play, “Almost, Maine” by the talents of the MSU Theatre Department. The audience got a glimpse of the life of 19 different characters, who are all connected … [Read more...]

Welcome Week

The first week of school is coming to an end and so is the MSU Welcome Week. New and returning students were offered a variety of events to get back into the swing of things and start out the semester on the right foot. Cammie Dean, director of MSU Student Developement, said, "I thought it was a … [Read more...]