Practice common sense safety tips on Halloween

Halloween. A time for ghouls and goblins. And after dark shenanigans. It's also a time for students to be safety conscious both on campus and off. “Some things that we suggest are making sure that you have your keys and your ID with you at all times,” Angie Reay, interim director of housing, … [Read more...]

Balanced life key to fighting Freshman 15

Taco Bell. Chic-fil-A. McDonald's. Whataburger. Jack in the Box. Dairy Queen. Sonic Drive-in. Canes. Chipotle. The list is almost endless. The food is convenient. And relatively inexpensive. It's also full of calories. And, for freshman, the convenience and calories lead to the infamous … [Read more...]

Empty Bowls fundraiser Oct. 13

The Empty Bowls fundraiser will be held at the Wichita Falls Museum of Art on Oct. 13 to raise money to go toward feeding the community. “It’s kind of grown into something much bigger than that,” said Steve Hilton, associate professor of art. “Here at Wichita Falls, just like in a lot of places, … [Read more...]

Cyclists, skateboarders follow different rules

Cyclists and skateboarders on the campus have to follow a certain set of rules that are stated in Texas state law and enforced by the campus police. Both modes of transportation are available to students on campus and have their own advantages and drawbacks. "We enforce Texas state law," Dan … [Read more...]

$111K donation to fund band uniforms

The band will be receiving new uniforms next spring, through a $111,000 donation from the James N McCoy Foundation."The McCoy Foundation was very generous and donated money going toward the purchase of new band uniforms," Matthew Luttrell, director of bands and orchestras, said. "The program needed … [Read more...]