Commentary: Don’t stereotype the Greeks

By now nearly everyone has seen the deplorable video of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Kappa chapter at the University of Oklahoma. In the video, members of the fraternity are chanting a racial phrase, and undoubtedly offending millions and hurting the image of SAE and all Greek Life. This use of their … [Read more...]

Gypsy Kit brings food-truck cuisine indoors

The Gypsy Kit is a small restaurant housed on the first floor of the historic Hamilton building downtown. They serve anything from shrimp tacos to burgers and fries—but it probably won't be a burger grandma would recognize. The Gypsy Kit specializes in oddball dishes that may sound strange on paper, … [Read more...]

Student researchers recognized at forum

At the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Forum Nov. 21, the following students received recognition. The best oral presentation recognition went to Tylor Thomas, Clarke O'Conner, Johnny Blevins and Makenzie Johnson for "Telemetry Data Collection from Photovoltaic Solar Panel and Wind … [Read more...]

Food fresh, service outstanding at local Italian bistro

Finding a decent Italian restaurant in Wichita Falls can be pretty difficult once of the novelty of endless breadsticks from our resident franchise Italian restaurant wears off. Luckily the search for homemade Italian food can be temporarily called off because Mia's Italian Bistro on Beverly Drive … [Read more...]

‘Bone Yard’ trombones perform tonight

WHO: The Bone Yard (Austin Glenn, Matt Crockett, James Ivey, Adam McGee, Justin Pruett, Makayla Scott, Jordan Willett, Trey McLaughlin, Zahra Lake and Alan Black, instructor) SONGS: "Chameleon," "Soul Bossa Nova," "Fly Me to the Moon," "Green Onions," "Surfer Girl," "Get Lucky," "Get Ready," … [Read more...]

Salsa served two ways

Jefe's is a Mexican restaurant located on the corner of Southwest Parkway and Fairway Boulevard. They serve anything from tacos to burritos and on Saturday nights they have salsa dancing. When my friend and I walked in, the first thing we noticed was the dining area, decorated from front to back … [Read more...]

Chicken for cheap cheap

Here in Texas we love some down home southern deep fried food and the Chicken Box provides locals with just what they need to satisfy that craving. From gizzards to chicken legs, they have some of the juiciest fried foods around. When walking into Chicken Box I was greeted with exactly what I … [Read more...]

Cozy Greek restaurant serves classics, culture

One of Wichita Falls' hidden secrets is Hibiscus Café, a restaurant located by Sheppard Air Force Base, specializing in authentic Greek foods from gyros to baklava. When I got there, it was near closing time so there were not a lot of customers. Looking around I noticed all the beautiful murals … [Read more...]

Fresh Mexican food at great price

Tucked away in the shopping center on Maplewood Avenue and Southwest Parkway is El Norteño 2, a restaurant serving up all the classic Mexican dishes from chips and salsa to chorizo. The place was packed for lunch but we were able to get a seat right away. The inside was clean and kept up with, … [Read more...]

Oyster Bar offers subpar food for too high of a price

The Oyster Bar and Grill serves passable food with a hefty price, but at least the beer is cheap. After entering the frigid restaurant, we took our seats and ordered a pitcher of beer for $7.50, definitely a fair price. After the waitress brought out the beer, we ordered our food: raw oysters in … [Read more...]