Moffett Library becomes a second home during finals

Therapy dogs will be in Moffett Library the week of final exams as they were in the spring of 2015. Photo by Francisco Martinez.It’s the week before finals and some students are making the library their second home. They are in complete lock-down mode, with their heads stuffed in their books as much … [Read more...]

Camp Chaparral: A hidden gem

Substantial entertainment is a rarity in Wichita Falls, particularly for international students that come from festive, fun-filled milieus'. For those looking to amp up the adrenaline in their life, there is a silver lining. Nestled between Iowa Park and Wichita Falls on 130 acres of semi-wooded, … [Read more...]

Inside the mind of a student athlete

From the outside looking in, the life of a student-athlete can be seen as one filled with glory and glamour. As a student-athlete, I can say this is true to some degree; however, there is much more to it than meets the eye. Very few athletes nationwide end up sealing the opportunity to compete in … [Read more...]

Human Genome Project panel leaves professor stunned

Jonathan Price, associate professor of geosciences, has been researching and teaching geoscience for more than two decades. He has conducted several intricate geoscience experiments and released several prominent scientific books. However, the ramifications of Monday’s faculty forum panel which … [Read more...]

First student debate provides silver-lining for students

It wasn't CNN's fourth presidential nominee epic showdown between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, nor did it garner more than 500 students on campus to watch in awe . It didn't even fill the compact Dillard 101 classroom to capacity. However, Wednesday's student debate between Democratic … [Read more...]

Lip Sync dancers ‘do it with confidence’

 Cso Lip SyncA video posted by CSO (@csogram) on Oct 24, 2016 at 6:44pm PDTHomecoming is a week to try something new, explore uncharted territories and discover new talents. For some students, it even represents stepping way outside of their comfort zone, for special education senior Jorrey Martin … [Read more...]

Mustang Maniacs aim to keep high school spirit aspirations alive

Nestled at the heart of MSU athletics lies a small spirit group with uncharted, explosive potential. "Our goal is to bring some fun into the student section of the stands to where people are standing the whole game - immersed in it. The potential of school spirit our student body has is nowhere … [Read more...]

Miss Caribfest: ‘I had sleepless nights.’

Kamilah Tobin isn't new to performing in public. On her native island of St.Kitts, she likes singing and dancing to soca and dancehall music, so when the judges named her Miss Caribfest - after a month of practice and with her inate perseverance, she wasn't too surprised.“I just entered to try … [Read more...]

Caribfest set to launch Thursday

Caribfest 2016, one of the biggest events on campus, begins Sept. 29 with a series of events. The annual event, arranged by the Caribbean Student Organization, is entering its 16th anniversary on this campus.Head organizer and economics senior Andre Tyrell said he believes this year will be the best … [Read more...]

Mustangs look to bounce back, set to host conference rival West Texas A&M

After the men’s soccer team suffered its first loss of the season and first opening home game loss since 2013 to Northeastern State on Monday, the team is looking to get back to winning ways as they take on conference rival West Texas A&M. The game is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Thursday at the MSU … [Read more...]