Senior: ‘I almost died yesterday’

“I almost died yesterday,” Dylan Pembroke, a senior in mass communication, talking about racing in the 50-mile Hotter 'N Hell, finishing in 3:02:37.What was the most fun part of the race? It might sound obvious but the start and the finish. At the start you can really get a grasp at the full … [Read more...]

Divided we fall: Summit should be for everyone

We all have hard opinions on things. We are divided on many aspects of our lives. Some of those divisions are harmless. Whether you’re team Edward or team Jacob doesn’t have any significant bearing on society. Debating whether or not that reference is even relevant in 2016 will not change the world. … [Read more...]

Artist-Lecture Series concludes with Kaku

The Artist-Lecture Series concluded for this semester with Michio Kaku, who is best known for his numerous television programs such as Through the Wormhole and How the Universe Works. He is also widely known for a tax commercial referring to him as a genius.Kaku backs up his on-screen presence as a … [Read more...]

Revitalization project aims to breathe new life into Lake Wichita

For 115 years Lake Wichita has been a cornerstone in the city’s history. Over the last century the lake, constructed in 1901 and originally used for irrigation to power the electricity power plant, has seen both boom and bust and now, barely supports animal life and doesn't support recreation.The … [Read more...]

Wee-Chi-Tah trail offers much needed outdoor experience

If you’re like me, this time of year cabin fever can begin to set in. After over two months of cold weather the sun is finally starting to shine and temperatures are on the rise. As the days get longer it's time to get outside and enjoy the arrival of spring. If you’re looking for a great taste of … [Read more...]

County candidates converge on campus

At a free candidate forum Tuesday night in Shawnee Theatre, six candidates for county commissioner had one similar goal in mind: Fixing Wichita Falls’ continued water shortage. Most candidates introduced methods to retain current businesses, encourage economic development and ways to keep Sheppard … [Read more...]