Athletes and coaches strive to succeed in post-season play

In collegiate sports one of the most common, realistic goal for any coach or player is to get to post-season play. If a team has a bad regular season but do better than expected in the post-season then the season will generally be looked back upon as a successful season. A team that has an excellent … [Read more...]

Athletic administrators work to improve athletic departments GPA

To improve the cumulative GPA for all 312 student-athlete members of the athletic department, university administrators have developed two ideas to help motivate and organize student-athletes so that they are better suited for success. First, coaches are going to be receiving bonuses on top of their … [Read more...]

Coaches and boosters lunch Oct. 13

To keep boosters informed of the progress of fall sports, coaches and boosters will have a meet-and-greet Oct. 13 at the Wichita Falls Museum of Art.Associate Athletic Director Kyle Williams who has been running the event for several years is said he is excited about the meeting."Lunch with the … [Read more...]

Title IX continues women’s fight for gender equality

When Hilary Clinton was nominated as the presidential candidate for the Democratic party, she tore down yet another wall in women’s long held fight for gender equality being the first female to ever be elected the presidential candidate for any major party.“We have come so far in gender equality. … [Read more...]

Juniors to take Writing Proficiency Exam Sept. 27-Oct. 1

Students classified as juniors with at least 60 hours, but no more than 90 hours, are making final preparations as they prepare to take the Writing Proficiency Exam Sept. 27 - Oct. 1. The WPE, a university requirement, purportedly measures a student’s ability to write critically and creatively at a … [Read more...]