Four day weekend due to inclement weather

University officials issued two code-red weather alerts this week, on Monday and Tuesday, canceling classes and closing most of the campus. The dining hall, student center, Wellness Center and Moffett Library remained open both days. On Tuesday, Feb. 24, the Mustangs Route ran from 1-5 p.m. to bring … [Read more...]

Involvement could mean difference between employment, unemployment

Involvement is something that has been preached to us since we came to Spirit Days or Mustangs Rally. Every time somebody new got on stage, it was about finding our niche on campus. Find something that fits your interests or create a new group on campus. I finally understand why getting involved … [Read more...]

Drive-in diner burgers, shakes impressive

Scott's Drive In is everything I pictured when thinking about the 1960’s drive-in and diners. The odd colors and architecture were the staple of this small drive-in. The older men even dressed the part of the 1960’s cook with the triangular paper hat and white shirts. There were multiple speaker … [Read more...]

Texas legislature files bill concerning concealed carry on university campuses

Concealed carry legislation has failed to pass the Texas Legislature in its last three session, and yet concealed carry legislation has been proposed again. University police have said allowing guns on campus could make it harder to maintain safety especially in an active shooter … [Read more...]

2015 Super Bowl Commercials: The good and the bad

From Katy Perry to the game-winning interception, the game and all its festivities were great like always, but the commercials are still the best part of the game. A 30 second commercial spot for Super Bowl XLIX ranged from $4-4.5 million dollars. The commercials are a widely-regarded highlight … [Read more...]

Theater grad in Super Bowl commercial

Cast in what she termed a strange turn of events via Facebook and email, the Doritos “Definitely Visible” Super Bowl commercial featured Nicole Neely, a 2014 graduate in theater, on three occasions. “It was kinda crazy,” Neely said. “One of my director friends posted on Facebook about another … [Read more...]

Discussion panel highlights social injustice for Human Rights Week

In the wake of President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address where he spoke of human rights and the 2014 protests over the deaths of several unarmed African Americans during police interventions, the Student Development and Orientation held a panel discussion Tuesday night led by faculty and … [Read more...]

J.S. Bridwell Simulation Center to get an update

The Wilson School of Nursing received a $115,317 grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board under the Nursing Innovation Grant Program “Building Lab and Simulation Capacity” to the develop the simulation center to maximize on the capacity and use of the simulation center for the … [Read more...]

Tobacco policy unfair to smokers

The continuous struggle to help campus become “healthier” by eliminating smoking from campus could do more harm than good. The new plan is offering solutions to those that don't want smoking, but leaves out a compromise for those that would like to continue smoking. If the new plan is going to … [Read more...]

40 years of holiday cheer kicks off with three concerts

Setting up Fantasy of Lights from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo. Toys from the Toy Story movies came to life and danced to the series' classic “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” as hundreds of onlookers walked through the opening reception of the 40th anniversary Fantasy of Lights display Nov. 24, on the … [Read more...]