Student athletic fees pay for championship rings

MSU has spent $75,248 on championship rings for student athletes over the past five years, more than a quarter of it – $20,358 – coming from the student body at large. In most cases, donor money financed the purchases of rings for sports teams, but administrators dipped into athletic fees paid by … [Read more...]

Wedding mistake costs university over $11,000

A marital mishap at the Wichita Falls Museum of Art in 2010 cost the university more than $11,000 in donor funds. Instead of using the money to buy equipment or fund scholarships, MSU ended up paying to host a wedding. The foul-up, uncovered through state Open Records statutes, shows that … [Read more...]

Engineering program gets $3.8M in donations

MSU secured $3.8 million in donations two weeks ago for the Engineering program. James McCoy gave the university $3.3 million for construction, two extra faculty members, and equipment. Fred Stephens and Payton Carnes together gave approximately $500,000 for more equipment. “I was very … [Read more...]

Sikes House spending tops $875,000

Constant maintenance keeps workers busy  Upkeep on the Sikes House, the two-story presidential residence across Midwestern from campus, isn’t cheap. Since 2002, costs to maintain it have topped $875,000 as carpenters, electricians and custodians from MSU’s Physical Plant put in at least … [Read more...]

University spends $84,000 for flowers

Museum board member rakes in about $75,000; other florists get $9,447 A museum board member who lives in Caddo, Texas was paid nearly $75,000 to craft lavish floral arrangements for university functions over the past 10 years. Local florists drummed up less than $10,000 in university … [Read more...]

Nursing dept. promotes healthy lifestyles with community fair

The MSU nursing department wants you to take care of your body. “Put prevention into practice” is the theme of the department’s 12th annual community health fair, which will be held April 13 at 9 a.m. Dr. Betty Bowles, assistant professor of nursing, has organized the event since its inception … [Read more...]

Student protests for HS coach

Landry Russell was nervous when he started to speak March 26. A board room full of people, at least one hundred of them, and they were all staring at him. “The room was really tense when I got up there,” the MSU junior said. But he settled down and started in on the business his hand. He … [Read more...]

MSU seeks entrepreneurs

MSU students can win $1,000 just for having a good idea. Well, that’s not exactly correct. But a student who has a good business plan can pocket the money with Idea MSU. Idea MSU, a business venture contest run by Dr. Jeff Stanbaugh of the Lalani Center for Entrepreneurship and Free … [Read more...]

Board re-ups Rogers’ contract three years

The Board of Regents has voted to extend the contract of President Dr. Jesse Rogers another three years. The contract, which will come up for renewal again in 2015, was extended by the Board in a closed session at its February meeting. Too many important things are happening at the university … [Read more...]

Provost nominated for UT-Tyler job

Provost Dr. Alisa White is being considered for the provost position at the University of Texas-Tyler. She came to MSU in 2010 from UT-Tyler, where she served as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. She said she is considering taking the job if she is selected. “I haven’t considered … [Read more...]