Men’s basketball falls to conference rival Tarleton 81-83

If someone at that game had no affiliation with either school, if they'd never heard the stories or bore witness to last year's post-season match ups, the rivalry would still have been obvious. The turnout alone spoke volumes as D.L. Ligon Colesium was packed to the brim from the highest … [Read more...]

Men’s basketball rally past second half surge

The Mustangs were able to stand their ground against a strong second half surge from the University of Science & Arts (Okla.) Tuesday night despite being dropped to No. 20 in the latest National Association of Basketball Coaches’ Top 25 on Tuesday afternoon, winning 73 to 65. “One of the … [Read more...]

New filtration system awaiting state approval

Daniel Nix would love, singlehandedly, to solve the water shortage problem in Wichita Falls. But as he said in a New York Times interview last spring, the solution isn’t going to be simple or inexpensive. “You can’t go buy a rain,” he told Audrey White for the Feb. 7 article. However, he also … [Read more...]

Board discusses return of baseball

Michael Jackson and The Police top the billboard charts, Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys dies, Reagan signs legislation that creates the national holiday known as Martin Luther King day and the final episode of M.A.S.H airs—these are the headlines that spanned the front pages in 1983, the last year … [Read more...]

Board discusses cost of baseball

At a meeting on Nov. 8, University President Jesse Rogers and the Board of Regents reviewed the five-year cost of the project. "It's obvious that we need to raise more money," Rogers said. Rogers said so far campus officials have raised $2.97 million for the project. However he said board … [Read more...]

City only the second to try new treatment process

In a yard just off Taft Boulevard, a sign with the slogan “Pray for Rain” seems to sit and wait, almost patiently, for just a drop to show that its being there is actually working. While prayers and wishes for rain continue each day, the fact remains that if rain doesn’t come soon Wichita Falls will … [Read more...]

Comedian Ryan Reiss gets the laughs

Continuously interacting with the audience, comedian Ryan Reiss had one goal in mind as part of the university programming board’s Homecoming-week opener Oct. 15 — he wanted to make people laugh. “At times he came off as a racist, egomaniacal, sexist, anti-Semitic, Nazi Mormon,” Brighton Changa, … [Read more...]

Empty Bowls charity event begins Oct. 10

In 1991 John Hartom, an art teacher in Michigan initiated a drive to raise charitable funds for his community using ceramics. This drive, 22 years later, has become an international project to fight hunger known as “Empty Bowls.” “Of all the times I’ve been to the museum, I’ve never seen as many … [Read more...]

Despite low lake level, Lake Wichita Park provides outdoor activities

In a town criticized for a lack of entertaining attractions, Lake Wichita Park provides residents and visitors with a central location for a plethora of outdoor activities from hiking to baseball. Lake Wichita, a man-made lake located about three miles southwest of the city, was constructed in … [Read more...]

The Grove offers alternate housing for residents

For the fall 2013 semester, the university had the largest freshman class since 1991, so an alternate housing program was needed to accommodate the overflow of new students. The programs stirred false fears that university officials were taking a large financial loss by housing students in an … [Read more...]