MSU needs more African-American professors

At the beginning of the semester, I thought about taking on a EURECA project. I wanted to work on a subject that deals with race and race relations in the United States and I wanted to work with an African-American professor. That’s when it dawned on me. I do not know any African-American … [Read more...]

Black History Month should be Black History Year

The whole of February we will be celebrating Black history and what it means to be black, in its entirety. The entire history of a people, all relegated into one month. The various black students organizations and student development have a series of events planned to celebrate Black History … [Read more...]

We should all be feminists

The above title for this column was taken from a TED talk given by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a renowned author and writer who many have heard speaking in Beyoncé's "Flawless," but few know. I am mostly drawn to her because she is a Nigerian woman like myself, who until she was 19 had not lived in … [Read more...]

Mesquite Cafe can do Better

Being that it was my first semester in Midwestern State, I chose to live in the dorms and reap the benefits of on-campus housing. One of the conditions that came with that was the requirement to purchase a meal plan. I ended up picking the 14-meals-per-week plan as I thought that it was the most … [Read more...]

My first Homecoming Experience

I came from a junior college in New York so I never had the opportunity to experience homecoming. In fact, prior to attending MSU, I never knew what homecoming was or what it meant. I heard it mentioned a few times in movies and newspapers, but that was about it. That changed this past week as I … [Read more...]

‘If only I knew that when I was a freshman’

Every year there's an influx of students from all parts of the world and all walks of life, all looking for one thing more or less: a sound education which in turn leads to a more defined future. Freshmen straight from high school are bombarded with totally new ideas regarding school and life. … [Read more...]

Ebola panic unnecessary in United States

Mom called last night. She said, “Adaobi, there’s Ebola in Dallas, be careful, oh.” I just chuckled and said, “OK, mum, I will.” She heard the news about a Liberian man who visited Dallas, was sick, and left the hospital undetected, and by the time they found out that he had Ebola, it was too … [Read more...]