Pool tournament scheduled for Feb. 19


Samantha Rizzuti, nursing freshman, works on a wooden heart, Feb. 11. Photo by Miranda Neagle.

The University Programing Board will be hosting a pool tournament Feb. 19 at 4 p.m. in the activity room of the Clark Student Center, just one of the activities members plan throughout the year.

“Last time we had a huge turn out,” Cindy Cummings, special event coordinator, said. “We had TVs that we gave away, pool sticks, T-shirts, and we usually have food there.”

UPB holds other events such as crafts. Students made wooden Valentine’s Day crafts in Caddo on Feb. 11.

The members try to plan a crafting activity every month based around the upcoming holidays according to Special Event Coordinator, Cindy Cummings.

“We made Valentine hearts about two weeks ago,” Samantha Rizzuti, freshman nursing, said.

When Rizzuti came last time, Cummings that said she was thinking about doing another craft event.

Rizzuti designed her craft next to freshman history student Amanda Damron.

“I drag her [Rizzuti] everywhere,” Damron said.

Damron said she started coming to the crafting events in October when she was interested by the giant bats that were created. She hasn’t missed an opportunity to craft since then.

Cummings said there are usually more people coming to the crafting events.

“[Students] come in and the crafts are shorter. So people come in, make one real quick, and leave which makes room for more people,” Cummings said.

“A lot of people just can’t come because of their classes,” Damron said. “I almost wasn’t able to come because of my classes. I mean it’s only two hours long.”

The next craft event will be held a little before St. Patrick’s Day in March.

During the months that have no holidays, there will be crafts such as picture magnets so students will still have activities to participate in.