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Students dress up for halloween

Mia Heck

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Kenadi Campbell, computer science senior, and Amber McCutcheon, psychology freshman, have a killer scene set up to scare people walking through the Haunted Maze set up by Black Student Union and University Programming Board in the quad on Oct. 30. Photo by Rachel Johnson RELATED STORY


Lauren Gardner, biology sophomore. Photo by Elias Maki

Lauren Gardner, biology sophomore | “I decided to dress in my Jack Skellington onesie because it was the only one that came in my size, but it’s okay because I love the Nightmare Before Christmas. I really just love Halloween because I’ve always enjoyed going to haunted houses and watching scary movies. The free candy is always a plus too.”

Jaron Imbriani, sports and leisure sophomore. Photo by Elias Maki

Jaron Imbriani, sports and leisure sophomore | “I’m a dinosaur because it was cold today and this onesie is really warm –and I like Halloween because it has always been fun finding random costumes every year that were better than my last. It’s like I’m always in competition with the myself from last-year when Halloween rolls around.”

Kerrigan Reyes, psychology sophomore. Photo by Elias Maki


Kerrigan Reyes, psychology sophomore | “I chose to dress as a raccoon because I love raccoons. They’re just the cutest animals out there. I didn’t really do it for Halloween, it just gave me a reason to dress like a raccoon around campus. I’ve wait all year just to dress up.”

Christian Love, theater freshman, wears his costume for the theater performance of the Reformation. Photo by Elias Maki

Christian Love, theater freshman | “I dressed up as a priest for this historic Martin Luther event that we are reenacting. It really has nothing to do with Halloween but it’s pretty nice to walk around in my costume. It’s pretty comfortable. I was told which costume I had to wear today, but it’s okay because I feel like I pull it off well. If I had to change my costume, I would just pick something that chokes me less because this one makes me feel like I cannot breathe.”

Kenadi Campbell, computer science senior. Photo by Elias Maki

Kenadi Campbell, computer science senior | “I dressed up like Princess Tiana because I love Disney princesses and she’s the best one there is. I love dressing up on Halloween and I love Halloween because everyone gets to be just as extra as I am on a daily basis.”
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Students dress up for halloween