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Emmy Geibe

I played an active part in high school — I was on the soccer team, part of the National Art Society and involved in other school activities. Coming into college, I was extremely scared about not having that team that I had always had in high school, so I wanted to find that. I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself, regardless of how cheesy that sounds (trust me, I know it does, but bare with me). 

I had heard about sorority recruitment before, but never really thought about actually going through or being part of Greek life at all. Most of what I knew about Greek life came from movies and TV shows, which doesn’t portray Greeks in a positive way, as we all know. I figured it was just partying, drinking more than my body weight in beer and never going to class. That wasn’t something I wanted, nor would I pay money to be part of.

Despite all of that, I thought to myself, “Why not?” and decided to sign up for Panhellenic recruitment, with two of my best friends. We all decided that we’d try it together and if we didn’t like it, then it just wasn’t for us.

I honestly went into it thinking it wasn’t for me, but after the first night and after meeting all of the chapters, I knew that I had found the perfect way to be involved. As the recruitment process trekked on, I started to become more and more thankful that I decided to go through rush. Bid day proved it even further — I had found the team I was looking for.

Joining a sorority has given me countless opportunities and lifelong friendships. It’s not about partying or drinking at all — all of the sororities put an emphasis on grades, because if they don’t, they can’t be a chapter on this campus. Plain and simple. Going to class is not an option, it’s a requirement. This is a small campus; it’s easy to see who’s in which sorority and know who’s going to class. But even more than the stress on school, there’s a stress on making connections inside and outside the chapter. I’ve met my best friends through joining a sorority, and I know so many others who have, too.

I was given the opportunity to be this year’s Director of Recruitment and help women coming into college find their team, best friends and lifelong friendships, just like I did. I never thought I’d join a sorority, much less be the one who plans and runs recruitment. Although I never expected it, I’m so thankful that I went through and gave it a chance.

Greek life has opened so many doors and has give me the opportunity to take on a leadership role. I’ve grown as a person, I’ve become a better student and now I want to encourage others to go through and at least give it a chance even though they may not think that it’s for them. 

Emmy Geibe is a respiratory care junior.

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Don’t knock it ’til you try it