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Knives are tools to local business

Dakota Mize

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While crushing misconceptions and offering knife sharpening services, The Knife Guys sells knives, swords, armor and more.

Phillip Watkins, co-owner and president, said, “The biggest misconception about knives is that they’re weapons, but we believe they’re tools. A butcher knife could be considered as a weapon by some, but a chef would consider it as a tool.”

The Knife Guys has more than 3,000 knives on display.

Watkins said, “The main thing [students and customers] can get out of The Knife Guys is choice. We carry a variety of knives from protection to collection. I carry two knives all of the time. They each have a different function.”

Watkins also stressed the need to put customers first.

“It’s not about what I like, it’s about what the customer likes or needs,” Watkins said. “It’s their preference or need that matters.”

Clifford Bell, operations supervisor, said, “We carry the largest selection of name brand knives in town.”

Knives are not the only product sold at The Knife Guys. They also sell dragon and fairy collectible figures, stun guns, blow guns, police batons, handcuffs, airsoft and pepper gel.

Bell said, “We do knife sharpening. We have all of the information for all of the knife companies. If you have to return one for warranty or anything, we could help you out. We have a special order deal where if you have a special knife or sword that you’re looking for, we can special order it you.”

The store charges customers $3 to sharpen one knife.

The Knife Guys, Sikes Senter, 3111 Midwestern Pkwy #150

The Knife Guys also have a unique Suikoden sword up for sale.

Bell said, “It’s made by a Japanese swordmaster. He made it by hand and it took him eight and a half months to make it. It’s completely handmade, no tools or anything, it’s all hand folded. The metal on the blade has been folded around 3000 times, and it’s got gold, silver and copper in the sheath and hilt.

Bell said it takes the swordmaster, Musashi, anywhere from six months to two years to make a single sword depending on how ornate it is.

“A lot of people come in here and think it’s old,” Bell said. “It’s made to look like a sword from a battle years ago, so it’s a reproduction but it’s a real sword. It’s fully functional, it’s as sharp as can be and full battle ready.”

This handcrafted sword costs $4,295.95.

If passed, Texas House Concurrent Resolution 32 would designate the Bowie knife as the official State knife of Texas.

Watkins said, “It’s a good choice because it was used at the Alamo and it’s a historical and functional piece.”

Bell said The Knife Guys have hired quite a few MSU students over the years.


More than 3,000 knives

More than 500 swords

One Samurai Armor set for $1,600

One Knight armor set for $2,295

One Suikaden sword for $4,295.95


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Knives are tools to local business