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Live at the Lake Caribbean style

The Wichita Falls Museum of Art hosted its last Live at the Lake event with a performance from the Caribbean steel drum band. The Museum of Art hosted these events throughout the summer. The museum has hosted the Live at the Lake events for the past seven years, and the last four years have been … [Read more...]

Quantity over quality: More freshman fail to meet admissions requirements

With enrollment numbers at an all-time high and the economy operating on a steady incline, 2007 was financially bountiful for the Mustangs. As the year turned, the university capitalized on the boom in enrollment, significantly altering admission standards in hopes to refine the quality of the … [Read more...]

Caribfest set to launch Thursday

Caribfest 2016, one of the biggest events on campus, begins Sept. 29 with a series of events. The annual event, arranged by the Caribbean Student Organization, is entering its 16th anniversary on this campus.Head organizer and economics senior Andre Tyrell said he believes this year will be the best … [Read more...]

Special Olympic athletes ‘inspire’ students with passion

In Rio De Janeiro this past summer, the 4' gymnast Simone Biles, the swimmer with five gold medals and one silver medal, got all the attention.Tomorrow, the action will not be as fast, nor will the competition be as stiff. But it's highly likely the passion the athletes exhibit will meet — or … [Read more...]

Student pretends to be gay for ‘social experiment’

Christopher “Topher” McGehee, mass communication sophomore, conducted a social experiment to get reactions for an essay he wrote for his academic research and writing class. McGehee posted a video on Facebook on Sept. 15 making claims that he was “coming out of the closet,” stating that he was … [Read more...]

Former astronaut, Scott Parazynski, speaks to a crowd of 325

Few seats were empty Tuesday night in Akin Auditorium as former astronaut Scott Parazynski spoke as part of the Artist-Lecture series. "When we go to extraordinary, extreme places on and off the planet, it forces us to think in new ways and [think about] those new technologies that benefit us here … [Read more...]

Registration needed for concealed carry

Our view: The university should register each concealed carrying studentWith Legacy Hall sprouting up, turf fields being rolled out, recreational fields blanketed with concrete, and a new Mass Communication wing in the works, change has been constant on campus this past year. However, none of these … [Read more...]

Tailgating policy tested at first home game

Rain or shine, student tailgaters and their families were out early Saturday at the first of four home games. With the Mustangs taking on Oklahoma Panhandle State, the party started with the first of the tailgaters arriving around 3p.m. However, the new tailgating policy didn’t stop all questionable … [Read more...]

Museum hosting poet, papers and painters’ exhibition

The Wichita Falls Museum of Art hosted a "Poets, Painters, and Paper" exhibition Sept. 23. After a brief introduction of the museum,museum director, Francine Carraro introduced the students and faculty members to the host of the exhibition, assistant English professor Todd Giles.Giles explained … [Read more...]

MDA Muscle Walk raised $18,400 in donations

The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) held their annual MDA Muscle Walk Saturday morning Sept. 7 at Sikes Lake Center as a way to raise funds for muscular disease research and provide resources for families dealing with muscular diseases.“The Muscle Walk raises awareness and empowers families by … [Read more...]