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Legacy Hall marks signs of growth

Our view: Though unfinished, Legacy Hall makes campus even better. After 15 months of construction and $35.5 million later, 492 students have a brand new place to call home — Legacy Hall. While it is not entirely finished yet, the parts that are finished make great additions to the campus and the … [Read more...]

Tau Sigma mixer uses Scavify to get students ‘out of the house’

The Tau Sigma honor society wings and 'beer' mixer went well on Aug. 26, but the students found out about it a bit differently. The app Scavify, a scavenger hunt app used by Matthew Chisholm, coordinator of student transition programs, as well as others who put on some of the events this week, … [Read more...]

Ladd ‘off to the mountains’ for retirement

If you want to say goodbye to police officer Elwyn Ladd, you better hurry.After 10 years on the MSU force and 27 in the city, he's retiring. He said he plans to,"immediately head to the mountains in New Mexico."But before his departure, Ladd had time to reflect on his career and to be recognized at … [Read more...]

Fighting the war on college major stereotypes

Choosing a major was one of the most stressful decisions I've ever had to make in college. Picking a major straight of out high school was basically letting an adolescent freshman eighteen year-old self decide my own future career.  For some small percentage of the undergraduate population, people … [Read more...]

Play about consent added to orientation, dreams for program of its own

A new interactive event produced during Roundup Week delves into subjects deeper than what the easiest math class is. Karen Dabney, assistant professor of theater, wrote and produced a play — Since Last Night — dealing with properly obtaining consent. “We decided to create this interactive theater … [Read more...]

Band uniforms now scheduled to arrive in spring

As part of a $111,000 grant from the James N. McCoy Foundation awarded last fall, marching band members will be getting new equipment and uniforms. But not this fall.According to Susan Harvey, music department chair, university officials tried to design, to obtain all the necessary approvals, and to … [Read more...]

Glow-cade turns out well as replacement for game show

The glowcade, part of the roundup week, turned out to be a successful replacement for the gameshow on Aug 24 at 7 p.m. The gameshow was cancelled because the company helping to put on had their things stolen last week, and they weren't able to get replacements in enough time. The event was put on by … [Read more...]

Dining hall renovations still incomplete

Mesquite Dining Hall's empty spaces and idle kitchen areas have some students confused, such as mechanical engineering freshman Braeden Alvez. He gestured to the middle of the cafeteria, which holds a new, full kitchen setup, and wondered why there was no one manning that station. "Because of my … [Read more...]

Speaker makes students ‘look at life differently’

About 400 students gathered in D.L. Ligon Coliseum on Aug. 30 for All Student Convocation. The agenda included speeches from University President Suzanne Shipley, Student Government Association officers and a guest speaker, Justin Jones-Fosu.Jones-Fosu said that his primary jobs are husband and … [Read more...]

Summer school isn’t for everybody

Like an anchovy mushroom pizza, summer school isn’t for everybody. Sometimes they're the only toppings students can choose from, and they have to force that anchovy mushroom pizza past their gag reflex. The even harder part of eating that pizza is keeping it from coming back up. In summer school I … [Read more...]