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Vidmar named vice president for advancement

RELATED: University relies on donors for fundingWhen Howard Farrell, MSU vice president of university advancement and public affairs, announced his retirement in February, University President Suzanne Shipley began a national search for his successor. Two finalists — Russell Gibbs and Tony Vidmar — … [Read more...]

Governor appoints new student regent

Gov. Greg Abbott has appointed Lindsey Shelley to serve as the Midwestern State University Student Regent for a one-year term effective June 1, 2016. She is pursuing a Master of Science in Nursing in the family nurse practitioner program.Shelley, who earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing from MSU … [Read more...]

669 graduate in spring ceremony

Facts and figuresCompare spring 2014 and spring 2013 DATE | May 14, 2016LOCATION | Kay Yeager ColiseumSPEAKER | Michael Obeng, plastic surgeon and 1997 MSU graduate in chemistry"Even though you might think you did this by yourself, there are many people behind the scenes who helped you get … [Read more...]

What I’ve learned by requesting an FOI

It all started with a simple FOI request. On March 14 I sent the custodian of the records an FOI request for copies of the bids used in the new mass communication building. The bidding was closed and construction has begun. The bid amounts are public information and anyone can request information … [Read more...]

Appreciation goes a long way

As an avid reader of our amazing campus newspaper, I was slightly upset when reading the staff editorial, “Changes should help, not harm.” The main issue I have towards the article is the same problem I have to deal with as a student leader on this campus: parking. The article did have just a tiny … [Read more...]

Finals Frenzy gives students time to relax

Members of Kappa Delta Chi, the Residence Hall Association and the University Programing Board are hosting Finals Frenzy May 5 from 5-10 p.m. at the Jesse Rogers Promenade in front of the residence halls.Starting at 5 p.m., students will host carnival games provide free food and a finals booth with … [Read more...]

Students divided by Campus Carry legislation

Students divided over Campus Carry legislation from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.“It was kind of inevitable because this is Texas. I grew up around guns, so it doesn’t really bother me or concern me. My dad told me pretty much as soon as I turned 12 and got my first gun that I was going to have a … [Read more...]

PRIDE to host drag show

People Respecting Identity Diversity for Everyone will host a drag show May 6, at 7 p.m. in CSC Comanche.Christopher Cruz, freshman in theater and PRIDE member, said this is their first year putting on events, so they really wanted to end the year with something fun.“We wanted to plan something big … [Read more...]

Fair-weather advocates should learn the facts

Let's clear something up. Target is not allowing anyone to use any restroom they want. Target is not inviting men into women's restrooms. Target is not creating a safe haven for child predators, rapists, or any other scary threat conjured up by close-minded people harboring some deep anti-LGBT+ … [Read more...]

Fazekas’ bumpy ride to signing with development league

About 18 Mustangs for the men’s soccer team are playing in the Premier Development League this summer to help maintain physical conditioning and prepare for the upcoming season. Noah Fazekas, mass communication junior and goalkeeper, signed with Grand Rapids in Michigan for the summer.“I'm signing … [Read more...]