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Poetry slam at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop March 17

The Writing Center staff will be hosting the first poetry slam of the year at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. on March 17 giving students and staff a chance to share different forms of poetry while enjoying food and each other’s company.These poetry nights have been held at least once or … [Read more...]

Residence hall staff offers ‘Mocktails’ during spring break safety week

Part of Spring Break Safety Week, the Killingsworth residence hall staff hosted a "mocktails" game night on March 14. Modeled after the "tower of power," starting on the second floor, each resident assistant in Killingsworth Hall chose a typical drinking game, but used sparking cider or water … [Read more...]

Campus coffee shop to offer punch cards

This month, Chartwells began distributing a drink punch card for the coffee shop in Moffett Library that serves Starbucks coffee as an incentive for students who come in often. After purchasing five drinks, the punch card allows for students to receive their sixth drink free.Jared McNeely, Starbucks … [Read more...]

Chi Omega host annual Swishes for Wishes basketball tournament

The Chi Omega sisters tipped off their annual Swishes for Wishes charity basketball tournament on March 12, as a part of their Wish Week festivities.“We raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation, and we wanted to do something that could get everybody involved on campus who wanted to be a part of … [Read more...]

119 prospective students attend health sciences and human services Discover MSU

The final Discover MSU event showcased health sciences and human services on March 11. Prospective students were able to visit the simulation center, and took part in hands-on learning experiences for fields like radiology and dental hygiene."Health sciences has a very distinct advantage that … [Read more...]

Human vs Zombies takes over campus

A campus-wide game of tag, known as Humans vs. Zombies, is played at hundreds of universities across the nation. While there are basic rules for everyone to follow, each university designates moderators to adjust these rules for the individual campus. With 150 students participating, the game began … [Read more...]

More than 20 attend ‘drunk’ relay for Safe Spring Break

More than 20 students attended a drunk relay activity as part of Safe Spring Break, March 15 at 4 p.m. in the Killingsworth green space.Participants had to wear goggles, which simulated what it was like to be drunk,  while attempting various activities.Students partnered up to step-toe walk from the … [Read more...]

Revitalization project aims to breathe new life into Lake Wichita

For 115 years Lake Wichita has been a cornerstone in the city’s history. Over the last century the lake, constructed in 1901 and originally used for irrigation to power the electricity power plant, has seen both boom and bust and now, barely supports animal life and doesn't support recreation.The … [Read more...]

Wee-Chi-Tah trail offers much needed outdoor experience

If you’re like me, this time of year cabin fever can begin to set in. After over two months of cold weather the sun is finally starting to shine and temperatures are on the rise. As the days get longer it's time to get outside and enjoy the arrival of spring. If you’re looking for a great taste of … [Read more...]

On the ballot: SGA candidates discuss platforms

PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATESRELATED: Gray, Mendoza-Lespron will make perfect SGA team Andrew Gray | Business administration and management juniorWhat word best describes you?“Humble [because of personal life] and professional [because of managerial experience].What are your qualifications?Junior class … [Read more...]