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Humans vs. Zombies deadline March 1

Students can still sign up, until March 1, for the annual Humans vs. Zombies campus-wide game of tag put on by the University Programming Board.Students will all start out the game as humans, and one original zombie will be chosen to begin tagging the humans. If a human gets tagged, they become a … [Read more...]

New coffee shop coming to Parker Square

A new coffee shop — Frank & Joe’s — will be open in Parker Square in May.Founders, Carol Murray and Jessica Edwards, mom and daughter, have specialized in business and marketing.“I’m excited about the whole concept. We’ve been pulling this together for three years,” Murray said.Edwards, who has … [Read more...]

Social reform: It starts with a conversation

In the corner of the food court, three students sat around a table decorating yellow cards with words that best described who they were. In that moment, they were not thinking about a label or stereotype that others may put them under. This activity encouraged the students to forget about what … [Read more...]

Football offices find a new home

Renovations for D.L. Ligon Coliseum eight years ago left the football coaches without any offices. They were moved to the houses at 2508 and 2510 Hampstead.“They were in prehistoric conditions over in these houses over on Hampstead,” said Athletic Director Charlie Carr.“They were not very … [Read more...]

Streich lecture broadens to include international energy

The 34th annual Streich Family Lecture Series on Feb. 18 featured the voice of Robert Bryce, professional journalist, on his first visit of the campus. The ensuing hour explored the topic of the energy state in America and the overwhelming role Texas plays in the production of natural gas. The … [Read more...]

Women can define their own paths

As a woman in the 21st century, I believed we could easily choose who and what we wanted to be. However, suddenly, the words gender and sex started having a whole different meaning. They were not only words, but sets of expectations we were supposed to fulfill.I began wondering. Can we, as human … [Read more...]

Benefits outweigh pitfalls of working with your significant other

Francisco Martinez, photographer at The Wichitan and criminal justice junior, and Rachel Johnson, photo editor at The Wichitan and mass communication sophomore, have been in a relationship for nearly a year. They also work together. On top of that, Rachel is Fran's boss. They discuss how they … [Read more...]

100 attendees expected at Black Excellence Gala

The Black Excellence Gala, to be held Feb. 27 at 8 p.m. at the Wichita Falls Museum of Art, will consist of songs, dinner, presentation of awards, and social activist keynote speaker Kwame Rose.Charles Frazier, athletic training senior, said, "There's a portion of the gala where attendees can get up … [Read more...]

Emergency meeting to amend by-laws wraps up fast

On Feb. 23 the Student Government Association held an emergency meeting to amend the new by-laws for this year's elections, held in Bolin 100, with about 35 students in attendance.Mark Brown, SGA vice-president, started off the meeting after roll call with a thank you to all who were in attendance … [Read more...]

Enrollment numbers increase for spring semester

SPRING ENROLLMENTOfficial reports confirmed Feb. 10 that enrollment increased by approximately 3 percent, the fourth consecutive semester of increases.Keith Lamb, vice president of student affairs and enrollment management, estimated this 3 percent increase. Although numbers increased from 5,574 … [Read more...]