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Practice common sense safety tips on Halloween

Halloween. A time for ghouls and goblins. And after dark shenanigans. It's also a time for students to be safety conscious both on campus and off. “Some things that we suggest are making sure that you have your keys and your ID with you at all times,” Angie Reay, interim director of housing, … [Read more...]

269 peepholes to be installed across campus

To provide faculty and staff members with an extra level of security, facility services staff members will be installing 269 peep holes in doors across campus beginning Oct.28. Kyle Owen, assistant vice president of facility services, said, “Last fall I got an email from Dr. Carlson. It had been … [Read more...]

Leroy: a friend to everyone

Always grinning ear to ear, Leroy McIlhaney, whether he is discussing the latest updates on campus athletics, chastising players, or flirting with the girls, is a campus favorite. When Rob Mcllhaney, a former assistant basketball coach for MSU, found out Leroy was his cousin, he brought him to … [Read more...]

Balanced life key to fighting Freshman 15

Taco Bell. Chic-fil-A. McDonald's. Whataburger. Jack in the Box. Dairy Queen. Sonic Drive-in. Canes. Chipotle. The list is almost endless. The food is convenient. And relatively inexpensive. It's also full of calories. And, for freshman, the convenience and calories lead to the infamous … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Custodial staff deserves congratulations

On behalf of the SGA Executives, we would like to recognize the custodial staff on their outstanding job in maintaining the Clark Student Center. The staff has worked tirelessly this fall semester to keep the CSC clean and welcoming to all visitors. Even though they are short staffed, the custodial … [Read more...]

Staff editorial: It takes a village

In today's world, it's the heroes who make the headlines. The athletes, the leaders, the trailblazers. It's easy to let one person take the spotlight for a team's success, a new invention, or a world-changing compromise. However, the success of a group or project is very rarely on the shoulders of … [Read more...]

Community service part of life for SAE, Chi-O

Community service can impact lives, not only for those who receive service, but also for those who chose to give back. All through winter, volunteers come to soup kitchens and homeless shelters, putting together meals for the less fortunate in their communities in hot, cramped kitchens. These … [Read more...]

Health center’s flu vaccine safer than previous years’

Cold and flu season goes from December to February and that means the virus will start spreading like wildfire soon. The Vinson Health Center is offering the flu vaccine free for students. This year there is a new vaccine, the quadrivalent vaccine. It is the best vaccine in terms of limiting side … [Read more...]

Halloween asteroid a near miss

Homecoming will fall on Halloween this year. What else is happening? Before the floats and costumes, an asteroid, 2015 TB 145, will have passed by Earth. The Empire State Building sized asteroid will zoom by at 78,000 mph and within a distance of 300,000 miles an hour. This is still a safe … [Read more...]

Social media helps to secure MSU brand

Social media has the power to influence lives, and has changed the way university officials do business. Departments and colleges across campus have implemented the use of social media tools to stay relevant, as well as to keep the public informed. Social media gives the university a way to promote … [Read more...]