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Super Blood Moon captures student’s attention late Sunday night

Late Sunday night some 20 student's rushed out of the library into the parking lot to see the much talked about “Blood Moon,” a special kind of lunar eclipse that occurs when the moon is the closest to the earth in its orbit. Erin Summerlin, a radiology junior, said, “I was glad to have been … [Read more...]

Qdoba’s Final Taco Tuesday Sept. 29

Hunting for anywhere to save a buck, Taco Tuesday made Qdoba a popular destination for students. With the final Taco Tuesday in the history books, students have something to “taco bout." Beonka Reese, Qdoba shift manager, said corporate officials decided to end Taco Tuesday at all of the … [Read more...]

MSU needs more African-American professors

At the beginning of the semester, I thought about taking on a EURECA project. I wanted to work on a subject that deals with race and race relations in the United States and I wanted to work with an African-American professor. That’s when it dawned on me. I do not know any African-American … [Read more...]

Task force to draft Campus Carry policy

The stereotypical picture of the Wild West wouldn't be complete without the gun-totin’ outlaw.To say that the Second Amendment is considered a basic right in West Texas would be considered an understatement.And the pictures of Texans with shotguns mounted on the back of their pickup trucks probably … [Read more...]

Midterm Piñata provides relaxation for students

To give students some time to relax before midterm exams, the office of Student Development and Orientation and 11 other groups sponsored a Midterm Piñata Sept. 29. Mandy Dorman, freshman education, said, "I feel like these events like these takes my mind off of school work and test and it lets … [Read more...]

About 60 people attend wellness 5k run/walk

Fitness, positivity, free T-shirts, and a quirky suit were the highlights of the 5k run/walk for wellness week Sept. 28, at 7 p.m. "I thought it was a great run. I loved being able to come out here and work out with some of the other students," Jennifer Patton, a freshman in education, … [Read more...]

New England artist displays ceramics on campus

As part of an exhibit of ceramics that opened Sept. 18, Martha Grover, an artist from New England, has more than 200 individual pieces on display in the campus art gallery and will appear on campus Oct. 14-16. "We have an exhibition committee that is given names of artists to be considered for a … [Read more...]

Record rainfall causes problems for Sikes Lake

From May 4 to June 22, Wichita Falls set a record for the amount of rain in May, ending the drought and filling the lakes, but causing some problems as well. Sikes Lake, which runs alongside the school’s Wellness Center, received an influx of silting and formed an “island” in the northern part of … [Read more...]

Parents balance studies with children

They have no social life. Their life is fuller of responsibility than the average student. Getting calls from off-campus day care during class and missing their children aren’t problems the average student experiences. To top it off, MSU does not offer day care and has few special events … [Read more...]

Arts & Literature Society to discuss book-banning Oct. 2

The Arts & Literature Society is raising awareness of censorship and banned books to students in honor of Banned Books Week which runs from Sept. 28 to Oct. 3. The president of the Arts & Literature Society, Arielle Martin, marketing senior, wants people to know about the problem with … [Read more...]